Garden of the week – ACROS, Japan

ACROS Fukuoka

Asian Crossroads Over the Sea (ACROS) was designed to give the city of Fukuoka a much-needed new government building, without destroying one the city’s last remaining green spaces. The result is one of the world’s largest and most impressive green roofs.

The benefits of building a deck

Why you should build a deck

Timber decking is a popular, cost-effective and time-tested way to make your garden more useful & practical, with millions of British homes already using them. This new infographic from our friends at 4everdeck points out some of the benefits of having a deck.

Welcome to the Blindfold Mowing Olympics

Blindfold Mowing Olympics

There’s a new extreme sport in town — The Blindfold Mowing Olympics. The sport was invented by the Mower Gang, a volunteer group who give up their free time to maintain overgrown public spaces in their native Detroit, USA.

NASA grows flowers in space

Zinnias on the International Space Station

A zinnia flower was the first to bloom in the International Space Station’s new vegatable facility. Zinnias are a type of edible flowering plant that are fairly easy to grow down here on earth. Astronauts have been observing how plants grow in space in order to learn more about producing food on long, deep-space missions.