How to deal with huge huntsman spiders in Adelaide

Huntsman spider

We all know Australia as the land down under. We have all seen pictures of giant bugs and what not. There are definitely some freaky things. To make matters worse, you can’t really escape. Huge insects can enter your home. You won’t know how to deal with them. You will probably be scared when you

The influences of gardens across the world

Italian gardens

When you’re on holiday or even travelling for work to another country, have you ever stopped and looked at the difference on show in their gardens? Possibly not, but next time why not take a moment to notice? Cultural differences are rife throughout the world and it’s amazing to see how we change our outdoor

Redefining your outdoor space


Australia is blessed with a pretty good climate, which is why so many of us enjoy being outside, whether it be surfing at the beach, or simply relaxing on the deck at home, for breakfast, lunch of for entertaining guests. Given that over exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays is one of the leading

Transform your outdoor living space with a retractable roofing system

retractable roof

We Australians love our summers and the garden is an integral part of the home, as it provides a tranquil area for rest and relaxation. Of course, shading is absolutely essential and should be in keeping with the overall concept, which is where retractable roofing comes in. Customised solutions ensure that every space can be

How to make a grass day bed

Grass day bed

Watch Australian gardener Jason Hodges build a wooden bed complete with a grass covering and planter headboard.