Your guide to buying a conservatory – what do you need to know?

You’re dreaming of more space. Maybe you want a home office, a new dining room or a second living room for your children to use. If this is the case, then look no further than a conservatory. Gone have the days of the conservatory that’s too cold in the winter and hot in the summer,

Make The Most of Your Conservatory


Adding a conservatory to your home is a relatively low-cost way of increasing your living space and adding value to your property. They help you feel more connected to the garden and are a great place to spend time if you want to get more natural light into your daily routine. However, a conservatory can

Does a conservatory add value to your home?


Having a conservatory added to your home is a great way to get some extra living space, but it can also add a lot of extra value to your home. Choosing a good style, fit, and shape of conservatory makes it a valuable asset that will be worth the investment when you decide to sell

The benefits of a sunroom


One of the most popular additions to every homeowner’s renovation wishlist is a Sunroom or “Florida room”. Bringing the light and openness of the outdoors into your home can add an entirely new feel to an otherwise unused area. A sunroom adds an attractive and comfortable space with luxurious views and pleasing functionality. It will

5 huge benefits of building an oak framed orangery this summer!

oak framed conservatory

With several months still to go until summer, there is plenty of time to make great use of that garden space you have or to extend your house.  Rather than go for the usual garden house or conservatory, you could opt for something a bit different in the form of an oak framed orangery. Before

How to choose the right furniture for your conservatory


The conservatory is a strange room – it’s not quite part of the house and not quite part of the garden. This can make decorating and furnishing it a little tricky. We’ve put together a few tips & tricks to help you get it right. Conservatories are normally bright, spacious, multi-purpose rooms. They allow you