4 ways to incorporate wellness design into your home

wellness design

The environment people live in has a significant impact on the way they feel, and connecting with nature is something that makes people feel connected and aligned. Wellness design combines these two ideas to create and transform structures and interior space to be comfortable, relaxing and promote a deep sense of well-being and health. Why

5 Tips For Designing Your Dream Home

Designing your dream home can be an exciting journey, from envisioning how each space will look like to choosing finishes and furniture to furnish your home. But along with that excitement comes the task of taking into consideration various elements too. And so, it can also get overwhelming at times. Suppose you’re planning to design

How to embrace the opulent design trend in 2021

This year, it’s time to think big, bold and above all, beautiful when choosing your signature interiors style. The decadent, opulent trend in home design is here to stay – and this is a look anyone can embrace, whatever the size or type of your home. The trick to pulling off a luxurious living room

Biophilic design – Green architecture as a way of life

biophilic design

Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on our productivity, mood, health and general wellbeing so it’s no wonder why more and more young architects include biophilic design into their work. The biophilic design is a part of biophilia, meaning love of nature, which focuses on strengthening our relationship with nature and creating a

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