How to know if plants from a nursery or plant centre are healthy

garden centre

So you’re a new plant enthusiast who wants to start a garden by buying a few from the nearby plant nursery. Or maybe you’ve always been in love with plants that you’re now growing as a forest in your home. Whatever the case may be, careful choosing plants from a center is not as easy

Tips for selecting a backpack sprayer – Advice from a gardener

backpack sprayer

There are many uses for backpack sprayers and knowing what you can do with them is essential to the maintenance of the sprayer, wand, and nozzle, to the effectiveness of what you are trying to do, and most importantly, your safety and wellbeing. Whether you plan to use it for your lawn, in the garden,

Key reasons why you should have plants around your home

house with plants

Humans have been gardening for centuries. In fact, the first few civilizations throughout human history started gardening as an essential foundation for their survival. Unfortunately, with so many trying to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of modern society, a lot of people very rarely place gardening high enough in their list of priorities whenever

7 tips for ordering plants online

online flowers

Are you buying your plants online or at a garden centre? While many of us love the chance to stroll down the shop alleys filled with gorgeous plants and flowers, it’s not always the most convenient option. If you’re in a need of a gift for a green-fingered friend, or simply don’t have time to

18 plants that will give you a bee-friendly garden

bee friendly garden

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the last few years, you’ll know that bee populations are in decline, which spells bad new for all of us. Far from being a nuisance, bees pollinate many of the plants that we depend on for food and pay a crucial part in our planet’s ecosystem.

A guide to growing roses


Growing roses is an intimidating prospect. We fear that roses will require lots of time, the perfect growing conditions and endless patience. And, while it’s true that roses do have a few specific requirements, those requirements are not all that difficult. Roses can certainly be a part of the garden of your dreams – they

Building a window box planter from scratch

window box

A garden is not the only place you can grow your flowers. Window planter boxes also provide a great alternative on which flowers can bloom and add life to your home’s exterior design. I chose to work on this project for one simple reason. Window boxes are rarely sketched up in new home designs. For

A guide to growing red roses

Your guide to growing red roses

Learn how to grow stunning red roses with the help of our latest expert guide. Ever wanted to try growing your own roses but were unsure where to start? This new infographic from our friends over at Rattan Direct will teach you how to differentiate between different species of roses, what time of year is

Ten easy plants to transform your patio

flowers on patio

Adding a few potted plants to your patio is a great way to spruce things up and give the area a lively, colorful, more natural feel. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional gardener or own a green thumb to take advantage as there are a great number of easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plants that virtually

4 “pretty in pink” flowers & when to plant them

pink flowers

Whether you’re a fan of feminine shades or prefer a less stereotypically “girly” colour palette, there’s no denying that pink blooms look blooming beautiful in almost every garden. In fact, even in fashion and interior design, pink is having something of a moment. So called “millennial pink” is the current shade du jour, while Pantone