Create a playroom in your home for kids and adults


When we mention playroom, most of us will think that it is just a room with lots of toys for kids to play for fun, that is correct, but the adults also need space or area to practice and relax when they come home from work. With the help of our air track, you don’t

Ideas for children’s play areas

children's play area

Every parent wants to find creative ways to encourage their child to express their imagination, make up new games, learn new skills… and move away from digital TV screens! The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to make some fantastic children’s play areas with just a few basic materials and some inspiration. Here are

Creating a child-friendly garden and outdoor space

child friendly garden

Gardening is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Once the seeds have been planted, the fun doesn’t have to end. There are plenty of other interesting and exciting activities that kids can do in their outdoor space. One option is to help them create their own private hideaway where they can hang out

A practical guide for helping children with allergies


Watching your child struggle with allergies is nearly as awful for you as it is for your child because you know how miserable the suffering feels. Once your child’s allergies present themselves, you have to jump into action. Prevention is always better as your little one won’t have to deal with a stuffy nose, raw

What’s so great about garden camping?

garden camping

A lot of people who’ve never experimented with garden camping consider the concept as pointless as a broken pencil. After all, why would you bother pitching up a tent a stone’s throw away from your backdoor? If you want to go camping, do it right, right? Well, actually, we’d tend to disagree. Never has the