6 reasons why you should do landscape design in Long Island


Landscaping is what makes our homes a beautiful place to live in. Our homes can still be habitable without it, but it would surely be dull and bland. Your garden is the only spacious place in your home that connects you to the natural environment. Thus, it is essential to make it beautiful. So that’s

Reasons why you need to remove that tree stump now

tree stump

Although some people may use a tree stump for decorative purposes or as a place to sit objects in their garden, a leftover tree stump in a yard is unsightly for most homeowners. Those who don’t enjoy the tree stump in their yard may consider them too large to move and will leave them until

Excavator extravaganza! What can an excavator do for you?


Excavators are the power machines you need for any heavy duty expedition, especially if you’re an archaeologist and you need to dig some pretty deep holes to get to that sarcophagus. But, of course we’re not all archaeologists. You’ll be surprised at how an excavator could be the piece of equipment you need this year.

5 DIY landscaping tips to improve the value of your property

landscaping tips

Making the landscape around your house more attractive is one of the most effective ways to increase your home value. Landscaping around your home is easy with a few helpful tools and planning. While some homeowners just hire a landscaping contractor for their yard, others take on the task themselves. If you belong to the

4 tips for letting your style shine in your landscape


With the warm weather, leaves are unfolding and flowers are beginning to poke their heads back out of the dirt. It’s a time to go outside and breathe in the beauty of nature as often as you can, so of course, your yard is ready for a good spring overhaul that will allow you to

Low maintenance garden ideas

low maintenance garden

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s time to get your garden in tip-top condition for its busiest period. You may think having the perfect garden is a full-time job and it can be, but there are plenty of tips and tricks for creating a stunning green garden that doesn’t require constant upkeep. A low

Create an outdoor bathroom both you and your guests can enjoy

outdoor bathroom

With the coming of summer, most of our life goes outdoors. The patio pops to life, so does the deck, the garden and the swimming pool. Most of us forget a very important thing though – the bathroom. Yet, nothing is more glorious than showering or bathing right under the sun, surrounded by plants and

Landscaping your way to an energy-efficient garden

efficient landscaping

Are you looking for ways in reducing the dramatical rise of your electricity bills? It might seem like saving energy is only applicable inside your home, but they offer more than that. Landscaping can make your garden more inviting and cozy while reserving essential natural resources. For example, sitting under a tree and enjoying the

Seven valuable tips for creating a beautiful garden

gardening tips

A great outdoor is incomplete without having a beautiful garden. Of course, having a garden is a difficult thing to do, as you need to look after every plant, flowers, and trees. You also have to ensure that there are no bugs and disease taken over in the garden. However, you do wish to have