9 landscaping tips that will make gardening easy


Gardening is a demanding activity. There is no denying the fact that it should come naturally to the person and can’t be forced. Once you are done buying all the necessary gardening equipment like Ag spreaders, gardening hose, basic gardening tools like shovels, mowers, tailgate spreader, etc, the next step is to think about how

Transforming your garden into a Scandinavian hideaway

modern garden

The Scandinavian style has taken social media by storm over the past few years with people posting pictures and ‘how-to guides’ on transforming your home into a cosy ‘hygge’ getaway. The hygge way of life is to make people feel cosy, comfortable and to make people enjoy the simple things in life. It’s all about

How to make a small garden look bigger

small garden

No matter the size of garden you have, you can make it look bigger and bring a beautiful garden that will make you feel that you have a larger garden full of excitement. The small space you have in your garden can be made perfect when you start off by making your priorities and making

Ideas for enhancing your outdoor space

outdoor space

The British winter might be in full swing, but gardeners know that the first stirrings of spring growth are just under the surface; before long new green shoots will be growing and the greenhouse will be full of trays of seeds waiting to germinate. If you think back to last summer, how did you feel

6 amazing outdoor hardscaping ideas for your yard

6 amazing outdoor hardscaping ideas for your yard

Most of us love to make our lawns beautiful. It adds to the beauty of our home. A feeling of refreshment is been added both to the people living inside the home and also to the visitors. Almost 75% of Americans are more concerned about their yards in comparison to the internal home-decor. The truth

Unique design ideas for your garden walkway

garden walkways

Are you looking for new walkway designs for your house and garden? Then you have reached the right destination. Today, Architecture Ideas have brought you some excellent walkway ideas that you can use to make a smooth path. Let’s have a look at them. Stepping Stones Stepping stones can be wonderful for the walkway paths.

How your garden can boost your home’s value


Improving your outdoor space is a certain way to add value to your property. Many people living in town’s and cities dream of having a versatile outdoor space to utilise in their leisure time. For many people that are living in smaller properties it increases and improves the living space for minimal outlay. It also

Stunning view: 7 perfect patio designs to complete your dream home

patio designs

“There’s no place like Home!”. Yes, indeed! Our home is considered to be the best place anywhere in the world. It is where we feel safe and secure because it shelters us by all means. It is also a place where we share moments with our loved ones. That said, everyone makes their best in

A homeowner’s guide to turning a small garden into a paradise

garden paradise

One of the top goals common to people is to have their own home. Though apartments and condominiums are currently trending, many still opts for the suburbs. There is just that special feeling of having a bit of land to work on and beautify, and one of the best ways to do it is to

The best garden decorating ideas for 2019

garden decoration

Gardens are a blessing as they provide a gateway to the humans to gain closeness with nature and help to nurture the mind to make it work properly and creatively. Making and maintaining a garden is not an easy task as it not only needs ideas but also the dedication and hard work to keep