3 pool design trends that will inspire your new pool

As with all things, trends come and go. Pool designs have come a long way since the advent of private swimming pool, which owners installed in some part of the home. Pools today are no longer designed following the recurring, cookie-cutter moulds of days past where everyone’s pool was either rectangular or, after the late

10 essential camping tips for beginners


You’ve been pretty much excited for this moment – your first camping experience. You envisioned it to be fun and full of adventures. Being immersed in nature and away from the city is a full bliss. Though it’s your first time camping, you know that you will ace it. In fact, you feel that you’re

Tips for maintaining your RV when you aren’t using it


Not everyone can live out of an RV. Even if you dream of hitting the road full-time, chances are, you have to put your RV away for at least a little while each year. The first step is pulling the RV in your driveway, but there’s a lot more to maintaining your RV when you

5 ways to spend more time in your backyard


Getting outdoors and spending time surrounded by nature and fresh air is something that we all need to do more and more of, especially in this age of digital living.  Creating an environment which is enticing will be the first thing that you need to do, and lounging areas will be the home base to

What’s so great about garden camping?

garden camping

A lot of people who’ve never experimented with garden camping consider the concept as pointless as a broken pencil. After all, why would you bother pitching up a tent a stone’s throw away from your backdoor? If you want to go camping, do it right, right? Well, actually, we’d tend to disagree. Never has the