Freeing your home from a cockroach infestation


Cockroaches are horrible pests that live in your home. There are more than 4000 species of these pests in the world; however, the most common types are the German Type and the American Type. The former has bodies that are light brown in color, and they have two stripes that are parallel to one another

Why home buyers should consult a building & pest inspector

house inspection

The chief purpose of a building and pest inspection is in identifying deficiencies in a building. Such types of inspections are regarded as extremely crucial for potential home buyers and also people that are getting a structure built. The person, of course, will wish to know about the building structure’s quality coupled with the finishes

Do ultrasonic repellers really work?


Ultrasonic pest repellers use high frequency sound waves that are said to repel rodents and insects. But do they really work? Read our latest expert guide to find out. People often ask the question “does ultrasonic rodent repellers function?” Well, the answer is not that straightforward. Ultrasonic pest devices cover an acoustic spectrum above our

Home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches

cockroach remedies

All natural processes are usually slow, and so is the case with cockroaches. With chemicals and powerful pesticides you will see instant results. Then again, these are harmful chemicals and you don’t want to get your family members involved with this toxic mess. So, if natural remedies are the way to go then let us

Avoid Pests: 6 Things to Do in and Around Your Home

avoiding pests

For some people, having a few pests creeping in the corners of their home isn’t a big deal. But for others, just a few pests in the home is enough to send you running for the door. While some household pests, like spiders, will cause you no harm, others, like mice, ants, and fleas can

Pest control & your health: All you need to know


Thanks to growing urbanization, weird new neighbors aren’t the only thing you need to worry about. The presence of pests within both commercial and residential spaces is enough to make even the thickest skin crawl. To solve the problem you may be very quick to call out local pest controllers to take care of the

Why you should use a professional pest control service

pest control

Many households often have to face the problem of pests and rodent infestations. If all your efforts fail to get rid of them, it may be necessary to seek professional help from a pest control company. It can be much more effective and economical than trying on your own and not getting any results. Due

Scorpion pest control secrets for Phoenix


Scorpions are ancient creatures that have been in existence for several years. Fossil record reports indicate that scorpions have been around for more than 400 million years. However, the appearance of scorpions has not changed over time. Currently, the word has more than 1500 different species of scorpions and we still have more under discovery.

3 best ways to get rid of flies


It is pretty annoying to hear the buzzing sound of housefly hovering around your food, table or head. Although the average housefly does not bite, it is responsible for spreading disease and pathogens by laying eggs on your food and other surfaces-yuck! Getting rid of flies from your home is non-negotiable; it is vital if

How to get rid of bees

Bees are the most common pollinating insect and a necessary part of the agricultural system. But these are not welcome signs for them to be buzzing around your family in your home or garden. Removing bees from the corner of your house or car can be a challenging task and depends on several levels. Below