6 ways to make your patio more pet-friendly

pet friendly garden

Having a beautiful yard can be challenging when you have pets you share it with, particularly dogs. By setting aside a little time to make your patio more pet-friendly, you can make your yard into a zone both of you can appreciate and get the most of. Below are 6 ways to make your patio

A guide to pet friendly gardening

pet friendly gardening

According to a recent survey of 2,000 pet owners, 8% of dogs and cats have eaten a poisonous garden plant, and 43% of those needed urgent medical care afterwards. If you love your pet as much as your garden, it’s important to take proper precautions to protect them from potentially harmful plants & flowers. Check

8 tips for keeping your garden safe from your pets

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

As much as we love our dogs and cats, it can often be a nightmare maintaining a garden with them around. Whether they are digging up your lawn, lying in your flowerbeds or eating your plants, these 8 simple tips will help keep your garden and your animals safe.

12 houseplants that are poisonous to pets

Toxic Plants

Several seemingly innocent house and garden plants are poisonous if eaten by your cat or dog. If you are a pet owner and you’re worried about your animals, use this infographic to get clued-up on which plants to look out for.