Can Asbestos Cause Cancer?


How are Asbestos and Cancer Linked? Asbestos is a term used to refer to a group of six naturally-occurring fibrous minerals that are composed of thin, microscopic fibres. Asbestos was typically used in commercial and residential construction, due to its low price as well as resistance to fire, heat, corrosion, and electricity. Even though asbestos

Trampoline safety tips for kids


Trampolines are a very fun pastime; until an accident of course. Trampolines can be a very good exercising prop, but they are also responsible for a great many injuries. Statistically, 75% of trampoline injuries are found in children of 14 years of age or younger. But all said and done we as parents would still

Situations when scaffolding is imperative for ensuring safety


Scaffolding is a temporary structure, used for providing vital support to construction workers who are required to work at great heights. A scaffolding structure will carry huge importance and can be used in construction, renovations, maintenance and repairs. When is Scaffolding Needed? In short, scaffolding is necessary when a thorough risk assessment has been performed

Fire safety: What you should do when in danger

fire safety

When the topic revolves around emergencies, everyone always says that you shouldn’t panic. If you think about it, that’s easier said than done. Unless you’re a firefighter trained to properly respond to a fire or any other emergency, the likelihood that you won’t panic is low. If a fire occurs in your building, the sensors

4 ways to make your garage fireproof


Something that many people do not want to think about is the risk of a fire in the garage. However, this is something incredibly important to think about. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to make sure that your garage is as fireproof as possible. By clearing out the interior, getting the right garage doors and

The best security features for commercial buildings

commercial building security

Commercial spaces require the monitoring of a number of safety issues as they are multipurpose buildings that are used for business. Mixed-use buildings are more exposed to risks due to the use of multiple electronic devices and flammable materials in office spaces. They are also harder to monitor as there are different types of people

Staying safe when using BBQs: An expert guide

BBQ safety

As the warmer months are upon us, the nothing quite like dining under the sun, in the great outdoors. Therefore, there’s no surprise why so many of us, (when the weather is just right) jump to the chance, of bringing out those paddling pools and fire up the BBQ at every opportunity.  Hosting a BBQ,

No one can beat a hurricane – but here’s how you can beat the odds


Staying in a hurricane-prone area comes with its own challenges. But home is close to the heart and simply cannot be replaced like a random piece of clothing. But that doesn’t mean that one cannot reinforce their home to withstand the hurricane. Impact windows are the perfect first step to reinforcing your home. These windows

How to protect your home and garden


If you have a garden that you lovingly tend to, the last thing you want is for your beloved plants to become tasty snacks for creepy crawlies and other kinds of pests. Fortunately, you don’t need to immediately reach for the harsh chemicals to spray all over your garden – there are plenty of organic

How to protect breakable products when moving

moving house

This is a guest article brought to you by a From antique china to tvs and also computer systems, your residence has several things you wish to shield from damages in case of a relocation. What’s the most effective means to guarantee your most cherished properties aren’t harmed or ruined? Below are a couple