Tips for maintaining your RV when you aren’t using it


Not everyone can live out of an RV. Even if you dream of hitting the road full-time, chances are, you have to put your RV away for at least a little while each year. The first step is pulling the RV in your driveway, but there’s a lot more to maintaining your RV when you

Three clever tips for storing garden furniture safely

garden furniture

If you don’t want to replace garden furniture year on year, storing is safely and properly over winter is the best way of keeping it in excellent condition. Preparation and Care Dirt and moisture is the enemy of even the most robust garden furniture. Keeping everything in good condition through the winter makes staging the

Making your garden storage look pretty

garden storage

When it comes to gardening, there needs to be a place for all the tools, seed packets, compost packages, and the like, to go. Usually in the shed in the back of the garden, or in the big cupboard that seemed to come with the house stuck in the back of the brick. However, these

4 reasons that investing in a metal shed is a smart idea

metal shed

Do you need storage for some of the things that you cannot fit inside your home? You might want to consider investing in metal sheds. There are so many types of sheds available in the market today. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, from wood, aluminum, and metal. For those who are

Key tips on how to improve storage space in your garden shed


Your garden shed is meant to be the space that helps you do the most with your garden. Unfortunately, it’s also a space that is likely to become cluttered with various tools and supplies to the point that you can hardly use it. If your garden shed has become packed with soil, tools and machinery,