The top 10 garden pests – and how to deal with them

garden pests

Your garden may be your pride & joy, but to bugs and creepy crawlies it’s a free buffet! Garden pests can cause chaos in your garden if they get out of control, whether it’s munching through leaves, spreading disease or stunting flower growth. The infographic below rounds up 10 of the worst offenders according to

How can I invite wildlife into my garden?


Our gardens have a number of different purposes. They’re a space to relax, to entertain and spend time with family and friends. They’re somewhere for our children and pets to play, or where we can make ourselves busy growing herbs or looking after flowers. However, our gardens are also somewhere we can help wildlife. Since

Leave no stone unturned when making your garden wildlife friendly


If you want to share your garden with a host of different species of wildlife then you must make it a friendly place for them to visit. You must make it a haven for them. You must make it a place where they can escape the plights of the natural world. Most importantly, you need

Garden of the week – Masoala Rainforest

Masoala Rainforest

First opened in 2003, the Masoala Rainforest is an exhibit in Zürich Zoo where visitors can view tropical plants & animals in a mini rainforest ecosystem. To commemorate it’s 10th anniversary the rainforest was given a treetop walkway and two observation towers, giving guests a whole new perspective from above the unique jungle habitat.

How to get rid of garden pests

How to get rid of garden pests

You spend hours upon hours each week nurturing, loving, pruning, and adjusting your garden to make it flourish. It’s your pride and joy; the hub of your home and the last thing you want to see destroyed by a pesky bug or bird.

How to make your garden hedgehog friendly

Hedgehog friendly garden

Hedgehog numbers are falling in the UK, and it’s though that urbanisation and growing badger numbers are to blame. A new video produced by Chester Zoo shows you easy ways to make your garden more hedgehog friendly.

How to make your garden bee-friendly

Creating a bee friendly garden

Many important plants and crops rely on bees to pollinate them. With bee numbers in decline, you can you do your little bit to help by making your garden more bee-friendly. Our new infographic will show you how.

How to make an insect hotel

Insect hotel

There are several types of insects & bugs that are highly beneficial to your garden, as they pollinate your plants and keep away pests. You can attract these ‘beneficial bugs’ by building a simple insect hotel. Watch the video below to see how it’s done, then try out your own!