Top 3 tips for preparing your own firewood


As a homeowner it can be a challenge to prepare your own firewood, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be much easier than you think to feed your fireplace or wood burner. It can also be cheaper than buying the already prepared firewood from the local dealer or shop. If you have

Wood is worthy: 9 reasons why wooden furniture is the best

wooden furniture

No part of household areas doesn’t suit the finesse, warmth, comfort, and richness, of wooden furniture. From chairs, tables, shelves, bed frames, cupboards, chests of drawers and even ornaments — you cannot overstate the advantages of wooden furniture for your home. Wood possesses a distinct combination of peerless structural integrity and aesthetic appeal that no

6 top maintenance tips for your wooden garage doors

garage doors

Popular for their durable qualities and stylish appearance, wooden garage doors are well worth the money. But it’s a good idea to carry out regular maintenance, as wood takes a beating when exposed to the summer sun and winter’s icy-cold, damp conditions. In this article, we share 6 top tips to help you maintain your