How do air purifiers work?

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The air we breathe consists of pollutants that are invisible to a naked eye. These air pollutants can contribute to allergies as well as other airborne diseases. The impacts of air pollutants are more pronounced among people who spend more time in closed areas such as homes and workplaces. The air indoors is not that

How humidity in the home affects indoor plants


The majority of indoor plant growers focus on lighting conditions, quality of the seeds, temperature as well as manure or fertilizers when looking to make the undertaking a success. While these are critical factors, most people tend to forget relative humidity and the role it plays in the growth, reproduction, and quality of their plants.

Home garden practices to aid air pollution

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Governments are taking a great focus on air pollution — and inevitably, it’s becoming a greater problem. For example, the Guardian reported earlier this year that London had hit the legal limit of air pollution for the whole of the year in less than a month. According to the same report, around 40,000 deaths are