5 easy ways to green your bathroom

Eco bathroom

Making your bathroom eco friendly and green is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and yourself. There are many easy, affordable, and doable actions you can take to reduce your utility bills and make your bathroom green. Below are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to green your

How to do rubbish removal the environmental way

waste disposal

Waste management has become a significant industry in the UK and worldwide. As our landfills expand, threatening the ecology of our planet with harmful carbon emissions, innovative solutions to rubbish removal are important now more than ever. Rubbish removal services that prioritise environmentally friendly methods have a crucial role to play in the future of

How to begin 2020 plastic-free and even more green

Going plastic-free

It is no secret that plastic pollution has reached a critical level. If we keep using plastic at the current rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. Everyday, approximately eight million pieces of plastic are discarded into the ocean, and microplastics have even been discovered embedded deep in

How to make your garden eco-friendlier

eco-friendly garden

With the threat of climate change looming large, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their eco-friendliness and sustainability at home and in the garden. Whether to protect the planet, or to reduce energy bills, becoming more environmentally-friendly is one of the major steps we can all take towards combatting the highest

Sustainable lifestyle and green living tips for families

green living

If you are like most people, you want to make choices that are good for the environment, but you may not know exactly what to do. If you are a parent, you may worry that your family won’t be able to make sustainable choices or may fear that your green living efforts aren’t going to

Start living off the grid

living off-grid

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “going off the grid?” Referring to becoming independent from the primary utility systems of the country, it sounds a bit difficult to do. However, you don’t have to go overboard. The easiest part of leaving the grid is to become independent when it comes to electricity. Deciding to become energy-independent

No one can beat a hurricane – but here’s how you can beat the odds


Staying in a hurricane-prone area comes with its own challenges. But home is close to the heart and simply cannot be replaced like a random piece of clothing. But that doesn’t mean that one cannot reinforce their home to withstand the hurricane. Impact windows are the perfect first step to reinforcing your home. These windows

Maintaining a beautiful lawn while remaining environmentally friendly


It is only natural that you want your lawn to look its absolute best. It long been tradition in America to compete with the neighbors for the best looking yard, but only recently did it become apparent that doing so could have some serious negative consequences for the surrounding environment as well as the health

How you can use your garden space to combat climate change


It’s evident across the globe that climate change is having huge effects on the environment. On rivers ice is breaking up earlier than it should, while glaciers are shrinking. Elsewhere, animals are having to relocate, and trees are blossoming sooner than anticipated. Scientists have predicted that, due to greenhouse gases that are produced by human

Ways to reduce noise pollution in your garden

sound-proofing your garden

Life today is fast-paced and noisy and can often be overwhelming. Many of us crave a quiet peaceful sanctuary away from all this. This escape is often found in our own homes and backyards. Noise is a disruptive sound that causes discomfort and affects ones hearing negatively. Any noise above 115 decibels is deemed to