2023 & 2024 Bedroom Lighting Guide

We all want to rest in a properly lit bedroom after a day’s work. Or perhaps you are working from home. Well, you do not want to be in a bedroom with super bright lighting or work on a poorly lit worktable. Your bedroom needs appropriate lighting for whatever you are doing in there. Here are tips to ensure you light up your bedroom correctly.

First, a Light’s Brightness and Colour

When you want your bedroom to have proper illumination, firstly, think about a light’s brightness. Bedrooms need lights with brightness ranging from 2,700 to 3,000 lumens. Light colour is also a crucial aspect when choosing bedroom lights.

The bedroom is primarily designed for sleeping, so you want to stay away from white and blue light. Yellow light provides a warmer atmosphere to support sleep. You can also buy light fixtures with a dimmable feature. That way, you can always adjust their brightness to help you rest more easily.

Proper Light Placement Is Key

You cannot install bedroom lighting wherever you want. For example, that bedroom chandelier should not be above your headboard. You do not want the lighting to be directly above your eyes. Have the light towards the lower end of your bed.

The last thing you want is sleeping or waking up with a light fitting directly above your eye area. Moreover, if you have a partner who likes to read at night, you can have a directed wall light on their side so you can sleep without disturbance.

Layering Is Vital

If you have only one light fixture in your bedroom, that needs to change. You can use different lights, something called layering, to give your space a more appealing, well-lit makeover. You need general, task, and accent lighting for a well-designed bedroom.

Layering is a simple process. For example, use a ceiling light or chandelier for the general lighting of your bedroom.

If you read in your bedroom or work from home from your bedroom, you can install a table lamp for reading and a floor lamp for your work area. A mere overhead light may not give you the lighting you need to perform such tasks efficiently, especially at night. On the other hand, accent lighting helps light up your art display spots and other special items around the room.

Keep in Mind Your Bedroom’s Style

Your bedroom style also matters when installing lights in your bedroom. If you have a modern space, there are various light fixtures you can use in your space. You can get them in different designs, colours, and shapes to match your needs, and they include pendant, wall, and floor lights. The same goes for a more traditional home, with brands offering rustic light fittings and other style to meet your needs.

Finding the best bedroom lighting for your space is easier when you know what to look out for during purchase. Remember to choose suitable brightness and colour when choosing bedroom lights and install them in proper positions to prevent discomfort. You should also consider light layering and your interior style when selecting bedroom lights.