3 best ways to get rid of flies


It is pretty annoying to hear the buzzing sound of housefly hovering around your food, table or head. Although the average housefly does not bite, it is responsible for spreading disease and pathogens by laying eggs on your food and other surfaces-yuck!

Getting rid of flies from your home is non-negotiable; it is vital if the health of your loved ones and yourself is essential to you.

Furthermore, you can still do something about houseflies in your home; our DIY solutions will ensure you get your desired result. There are three best ways to get rid of flies;

  • Home remedies
  • Commercial fly trap
  • Prevention

1. How to get Rid of flies using Home remedies

If you prefer to use an organic method to get rid of pests from your home and environment, you can try using any of the home remedies listed below.

Plastic bags filled with water

This is more or less a trick; plastic bags and water resemble a spider’s web when light reflects on them. Flies avoid spiders’ webs; you can take advantage of this; fill transparent plastic bags halfway with water, seal the bags and hang them near doors, and windows. You can also hang old CDs and DVDs to get the same light effect.

Natural fly repellent in a spray bottle

You can make your fly repellent without breaking the bank; it is easy and effective. Flies do not like the smell of cayenne pepper; so mix cayenne pepper and water and then pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in cracks, doorways, window sills and other places with houseflies’ activities; it will keep them out.

Plant fly repellent plant around the home

Just as flies do not like the smell of cayenne pepper, other plants are repulsive to them. Instead of planting whatever you want, you can beautify your environment with fly repelling plants such as marigold; these plants are highly effective in deterring flies from your home and surroundings.

DIY fly trap

You can make a fly trap by using dish soap and water; pour the same amount of water and dish soap in a bowl or a container and place bowl in fly-infested parts of your home. Using flavored dish soap and two drops of apple cider will make it more effective. The flavored dish soap and the apple cider act as an attractant. As soon as the flies touch the mixture, it will not be able to escape.

2. How to get Rid of flies using Commercial Fly Traps

If you think making traps yourself is stressful or do not have the time for it, you can always get commercial fly traps. Such as flypaper, and a fly light; you can get flypaper at your local hardware store, home improvement retailers, and department stores. Flypaper is sticky, as soon as any fly perches on it, it gets stuck and unable to fly away. You can remove and discard the flypaper when it gets too crowded. You don’t want a crowded strip of flypaper around your house, do you?

Secondly, fly light is another commercial fly trap that wards off flies from your home, especially your kitchen. It is what most restaurant use in preventing flies from invading their business sites.

3. How to get rid of flies by preventing them

Preventing flies from entering your home is just as vital as exterminating them, you will need to make your home less-appealing as a potential nesting ground or food source to pests including house flies.

  • Clean floors, countertops and other surfaces thoroughly, do not leave room for crumbs or spills
  • Seal all trash cans; empty them as often as possible
  • Dispose of rotten fruits or overripe fruits early
  • Vacuum; vacuuming helps to ward off pests and not just houseflies

Note: the three ways can help you get rid of flies; however, you can use the three methods all at once for a more effective result.