5 home repairs you can do yourself

home repairs

Owning property is probably one of the goals most people want to achieve in their lives. An advantage of owning your own house is you’re able to paint, renovate and redecorate whenever you want without the approval of a landlord.

Although one of the drawbacks is if property items break such as walls, roof tiles, doors or windows you’ll have to repair them yourself. You won’t have the aid of your landlord to repair and pay for the damages around the property. But there is an advantage to this too.


The ability to repair your own home on your own terms gives you the opportunity to fully customise your property. You may even want to add a few rooms or windows on to your house. Or perhaps you want to construct a tranquil garden area.

Whatever your preference is, there are many home repair projects you can do yourself. While some do require the help of pros such as equipment crane companies Melbourne vendors can provide, some of them are really easy. Here we’ve compiled five innovative ways you can customise your home.


5 DIY Home Repair Projects

1. Repave your Driveway Using Bricks

Extreme weather such as constant heavy rainfall and hailstorms can damage driveways over time. Perhaps you have a few holes or cracks that need to be filled. Maybe you’d simply like to dig up the driveway and reconstruct it completely for a more modern feel.

The best materials for a strong driveway that won’t crack under pressure are bricks. They’re more durable than using cement. A bricked out driveway is also modern and stylish & you can use any colour you like to complement the design of your house.

To repave your driveway you’re going to need a large amount of cement and bricks. In order to transport large amounts of building material, you’re going to need mobile machinery. The best machine for the job would be to use a crane.

Crane Hire Melbourne

Cranes are the perfect mobile machines to use for large home repair projects. They’re able to move large quantities of material at a time quickly and easily. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and have different applications so you only have to pay for what you really need.

You can use cranes for more than one type of project such as:

  • Glass and panel installations
  • Moving heavy objects
  • Transporting large quantities of material

When you’re repaving your driveway you need space to move around. The best way to reconstruct flooring is to work in sections. You only need small amounts of building material at a time for each section. Moving bricks and concrete from one place to another is easier when you use a crane.

Try using a mini crane for your driveway. Mini cranes are versatile and can be used in small tight spaces such as driveways.

2. Renovate your Garden

Garden Renovations are fun and exciting projects. You can add features that add tranquility and ambiance to your garden. If you’d like a cultural style for your outside properties construct a Zen garden. They’re quite neat and tidy because of the way it’s designed.

A Zen garden is a miniature landscape made up of carefully composed arrangements of trees, rocks water features and pruned bushes. Lightly coloured sand is placed around the arrangements and a rake is used to create lines around the features to represent rippled water.

Patchy or dead grass can be removed and replaced with:

  • Light-coloured sand
  • Strategically placed rocks
  • Neatly trimmed trees

All of this gives you a precise & clean garden design.

Zen gardens are also low maintenance so you don’t have to spend time mowing the lawn or fixing up patchy grass.

3. Repaint your Outside Walls

Repainting is probably the easiest DIY project of them all. But the colour and type of paint you use makes the world of difference. Select a paint that complements the design of your house. Use a handheld bench sander to remove uneven surfaces and use filler to fix up cracks & holes.

After you’re done prepping your walls, use a paint that won’t chip easily. You also want to be able to clean your walls easily when they’re dirty. Opt for a paint that will make it easy for you to keep your walls clean.

4. Fix the Tiles on Your Roof

Replacing broken tiles on your roof is relatively easy if you have all the correct tools. First of all, you’ll need to get onto your roof safely. Use a sturdy ladder or use a mini crane to get onto your roof safely.

Using a crane will make your job easier because you can move materials and tools onto the roof without any hassles.

Find all the cracked tiles on the roof and lift them out of place to replace them with the new fixture. If you want you can even give your roof a new coat of paint to go with your newly painted wall.

5. Repair your Decks

Old damaged wooden decks can be unsafe to walk on. To repair your deck all you have to do is sand the wood down and give it a fresh coat of varnish. For damaged wooden planks, you can unscrew them to remove the planks and replace them with new durable planks easily.

Final Thoughts

Renovations and property repairs are easy if you have the correct machinery & tools for the job. You can hire affordable mobile machinery such as cranes and forklifts to help you transport large quantities of materials. Cranes can also help with large building projects such as lifting roofs or walls.

Repairing a house is an opportunity for you to change up the design of your house. So why not add some detailing while you’re repairing to give your house a fresh new look? All of this adds value so you’re making a long term investment in your asset.