6 reasons to get a new bed

Buying a new bed

Many people downplay the role of a new mattress in their overall health. Provided they can fall asleep, buying or upgrading their bed never crosses their mind. A new mattress can hugely impact the functionality and comfort of your bedroom as well as the general atmosphere around your home. Inadequate sleep can also lead to poor diet, irritability, and deterioration of health. The mere fact that you use your bed every day is a reason to invest in it.

A bed company in the UK conducted research on how long users stick with their mattress, and to the surprise of many, it turns out that a lot of people in the UK keep their mattresses for 40 years or more.

If you are one of those individuals who don’t see the reason to replace their mattress until it disintegrates completely, here 7 reasons why you should get a new bed.

You will be spending a large part of your life sleeping on this bed

An average mattress lasts for 10 years and you will be spending at least 7 hours per night, which translates to more than 26,000 hours, which is roughly 3 years. Other than sleeping, you are also likely to be spending some time in your bed reading, eating napping, or watching Netflix.  So, make sure these hours count by getting yourself a good mattress.

Additionally, most mattress brands offer up to a year of trial, and deliver the mattress in a box to your door, so in the end, this is a pretty small price to pay.

New bed

Old beds are uncomfortable

As we all know, life is dynamic and it changes almost every day. Consider the things that have changed since you bought your current mattress, for instance, are you now experiencing pain when you wake up in the morning? As you age, you begin to experience things that you wouldn’t have noticed before. While adjusting certain things to accommodate changes in your life, your mattress should also be one of those things. Your mattress will begin to feel uncomfortable with time, so getting a bed that contributes to the quality of your life, is one way of ensuring the changes in life don’t affect you so much.

You will be investing in you

Getting a new mattress is like investing in you. How is that, you may ask. The quality of your life, as well as happiness, depends partly on the quality of your sleep, the general life quality at home, and how refreshed you feel the next day; and the right bed will be the nucleus of everything. So if you haven’t considered it, start thinking of how you can upgrade your mattress today. The best part is, it is a small investment that will surely pay huge dividends.

You will have a sanctuary to come home to every day

A mattress serves many purposes other than just sleeping, it should also be a cozy and comfy haven to come home to unwind after a tough day. You should always enjoy sleeping on your bed and also feel comfortable doing some non-sleeping stuff such as reading, playing around with your youngsters, or just checking your social media with your legs propped up.

Your bed can have a huge impact on overall health

Your overall health depends on a number of things including the obvious ones – exercising and a good diet. However, the quality of your sleep also plays a significant role in your overall well-being. Inadequate sleep can result in gaining weight despite your diet and workouts. Getting a new bed will provide the needed support for a quality night’s sleep and enhance your happiness and health while reducing stress and discomfort.

Your current bed starts to sink

If you begin to feel lopsided when you jump into bed at night, or you experience neck and back pains in the morning, it may be time to get a new mattress. Sagging of a mattress is a sign that it is aging and losing its firmness, which can do you some long-lasting harm to your spine. Also, if your mattress is causing misery, you may start having headaches and pains in your daily life.