6 tips for maintaining a beautiful garden


To have an ever-beautiful garden, with plants that last for many years and always bloom, it is necessary to take some important measures, such as fertilizing at the right time and avoiding parasites.

Contrary to what you may think, this is not such a difficult task. If you want to find out how to keep a beautiful and healthy garden at home, this post is for you! Continue reading and check it out!

1. Care according to season

It is very important to vary the garden care according to the climate. For example, in winter, almost every plant needs to be watered less frequently, as there is less water evaporation.

Anyone who does not take this care runs the risk of ending up with a soggy soil, which leaves the plants ugly and even rotted. You can find reviews of different products on 10ion.com.

2. Trim

Not every plant needs a full pruning to continue developing well. However, from time to time it is important to trim your excesses and your dry parts.

In general, this type of maintenance should be done in the spring and summer because it is the hottest season, and it is more common that there are some dry leaves. For this, just a simple garden scissors.

3. Fertilize

How to maintain a beautiful garden for many years? Soak the plants! That’s the main way they get the nutrients they need to survive. Fertilization should be done just before summer and winter, and you can choose from various types of compounds.

The most recommended is to use substrate and organic compound.

4. Avoid pests

If you notice that the leaves are “eaten” or have an abnormal appearance, it may be because of the pests. Pests can be insects, such as ants, larvae or fungi, and are more common in spring.

For larger gardens, you may need to use pesticides, but there are many home-cooked recipes that can rid your plants of undesirable species.

5. Protect the garden from the weather

Each plant has its peculiarities: some do not like direct sun, and there are those that are very fragile against the cold and should be brought indoors these days.

That’s why we need to protect them from climatic variations and always choose species that get along well with the type of climate in the region where you live.

Azalea, for example, is a plant that gets along well with the cold and blooms in the winter. If you live in a city of milder weather, you can cultivate it at home peacefully.

6. Have a landscaper

It is not always possible to maintain an impeccable garden alone. So if you are having difficulties, you have questions about plants and their maintenance, or simply want a better look, have a specialist.

The landscaper is the professional who can choose plants for your home taking into account the aesthetics, soil, style of the rest of the property, the weather and more.

Knowing how to keep a garden always in good condition is very important to make your home more beautiful, joyful, and always free from insects and pests.

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