A guide to choosing the right lawn mower

Lawn mower

As with most things nowadays, when it comes to buying a lawn mower there’s certainly plenty of choice whether you’re buying online or in store. Much will depend on the size of your lawn, of course, as well as how much you want to spend and whether you want to settle for a cheaper push model or one that is self-propelled but slightly more expensive.

Different Types of Lawn Mower

While most people primarily consider the cost of a lawn mower, there are plenty of other things to take into account. Do you need to go up and down hill, for instance? Are there flower beds nearby? Do you want a small mower that is easy to manoeuvre or one that covers a large amount of ground in one circuit?

The first thing is to determine is what size of lawn you have. If it’s about the width and length of a tennis court, you can consider that a medium lawn. A bigger one might be better dealt with by a cordless electric mower or a petrol rotary mower. Smaller patches of ground need something less heavy duty, perhaps a lightweight hover mower that is easy to handle.

Cylinder or Reel Lawn Mower

These are the traditional style of lawn mower and have a number of blades at the front that rotate over the ground. Generally, the more blades you have the better cut you get, with the grass usually propelled into a bucket at the front. It’s not ideal for lawns where you have let the grass grow too long so if you aren’t a regular mower then it may a good choice to avoid this model.

Lawn mower

Rotary Lawn Mowers

These have the blades underneath, all of which rotate rapidly. Because of the speed and cutting action, rotary mowers work well with medium and long grass. The cut grass is usually collected at the rear. For larger gardens and a bit more comfort, you can buy versions of this that are like mini-tractors with a seat on top. For a lightweight solution that can be used for a variety of garden situations, a hover mower is a variation on the rotary design which uses fine plastic or metal wires that spin at high speed.

For most lawn cutting needs both cylinder and rotary mowers deliver great results. If you want a cleaner finish and a better cut, then cylinder or reel lawn mowers are the most suitable solution. To maintain your lawn, however, you need to cut regularly with a cylinder mower.

Hover Mowers

Most mowers work on wheels and can work any kind of lawn. If you have an uneven surface, however, it might be a good idea to go for a hover mower which skims across the surface rather than rolling along it. They are also a cheaper option and a popular choice with many garden owners.

Old fashioned push lawn mowers require that bit of extra effort on your part. If you have a large lawn and don’t want to worry about finding a plug socket, a cordless mower is highly convenient though costs a little bit more. Petrol mowers are still an option although you might want to consider the environmental impact and the minor inconvenience of having to keep fuel topped up.

Cost will vary depending on which model you choose. A simple, hand pushed cylinder mower will set you back as little as £40. You can pay a similar price for many hover mowers nowadays. Electric rotary mowers can range anywhere between £150 at the lower price level to as much as £600 for more advanced, heavy duty models. Petrol mowers depending on the spec can go up to several hundred pound for the higher end models.

Whichever mower you decide to buy, the most important factor is that it meets your specific needs. You can read detailed reviews of the best lawn mowers at lawnmowerhut.com.