Considerations to Make When Booking Portable Loos For An Event

What to Consider When Booking Portable Loos For an Event

When organising an event of any size, the availability of toilet facilities is one of the most important considerations. This is especially true if your event requires additional portable loos to expand capacity.

At Thistle Loos, we specialise in event toilet hire in Leicester and can provide a range of different events with both standard and luxury portaloo services. Below, we outline what you need to think about when booking portable toilet facilities.

The Importance of Having The Right Amount of Portaloos For Your Event

No matter what type or size of event, if attendees and staff cannot access toilet facilities when they need to, this will understandably cause frustration and unhappiness. Lengthy queuing, in particular, can cause paying visitors to leave the event early or write negative reviews, potentially harming your reputation.

But ensuring you hire a suitable amount of portable toilets is also important from a hygiene and health perspective. If the toilet provision is inadequate, your loos will often suffer from overuse, leading to dirty and sanitarily unsafe facilities. And in more extreme cases, it can lead to visitors using makeshift toilets outdoors or in non-designated areas, further tarnishing the prestige and hygiene of your event.

Considerations to Make When Booking Portable Toilets:

There are several things to think about when hiring portable loos. These include:

Length of Event

How long your event will run for is an important factor to consider. Longer events and large-scale events like festivals will understandably require a greater number of facilities, especially if food and drink is served.

For shorter events with no food or drink, you can often get away with fewer portable toilets. But for longer events with high footfall, multiple portable loos are typically required to accompany any permanent facilities you may have.

Similarly, overnight events will also require greater provision due to the fact that portable toilets will need emptying at certain times of the day.

Don’t Underestimate Your Numbers

Having a clear idea of how many people will be attending your event is vital to determining the number of portable loos you might need. Issuing tickets is a great way to gauge how many visitors will attend.

Generally speaking, it is better to have more toilets than you need than to have too few. If attendees and staff can access a toilet immediately, they will likely be happier and satisfied. And they will be more likely to view your event in a positive light, leading to better press coverage and reviews.

Book More for Events With Alcohol

For events that will be serving alcohol, you will likely need around 15% to 25% more toilets than usual. The reason is simple: people may be drinking more, and alcohol tends to make people need the toilet more frequently. Typical examples include music festivals, outdoor weddings, and street parties, to name a few.

Portable Toilet Rental for a Variety of Events

We offer a wide range of portable toilet options, including standard, luxury and disabled portaloos. For reliable toilet hire in Leicester for any outdoor event, such as music festivals, birthday parties, weddings and sports events, you can count on Thistle Loos. Among reliable toilet hire for a range of outdoor events and functions, as a registered waste management specialist we also offer reliable tank emptying! To find out more about our services, please get in touch with our friendly team today.