DIY and gardening sales are up as people prepare for coronavirus lockdown

DIY store

The prospect of having to isolate at home as the coronavius pandemic passes has lead to a surge in sales for UK DIY and gardening retailers. As well as food and toilet paper, people seem to be stocking up on DIY supplies to give them something to do if the country does go into full lockdown.

Kingfisher, the company that owns retails brands including B&Q and Screwfix, has reported a 37.7% jump in like-for-like sales compared to last week. Analysts believe that the impending lockdown was a strong factor in the boost in sales, along with the warmer spring weather which often leads to an increase in gardening sales.

Despite having to close its stores in France and Spain, Kingfisher is still reporting record profits. Other companies that seem to be benefiting from the pandemic are supermarkets, alcohol brands (including the unfortunately-named Corona beer) and of course medical suppliers that are scrambling to produce coronavirus tests.

Although all non-essential shops may have to close or restrict their opening hours if things get worse, most will continue selling online and delivering to your door – so there’s still plenty of time to get started on that DIY project you’ve been putting off!