Do you own these must-have garden tools?

gardening tools

Any gardener, whether they are a beginner or an expert, will understand the importance of having the right tools in the garden. Without the proper tools, many idealized garden visions simply cannot come to pass, as they are not possible to do by hand, or with the incorrect tool. There are a huge variety of garden tools available to choose from, and the best ones will depend on what you need them for. We will be looking at a few valuable tools that have proven very useful for gardeners.


One of the more basic tools, a shovel is bound to come in handy very frequently. Shovels are great for moving large piles of dirt and making holes to place plants in. When you are working with smaller plants, a hand shovel should be used instead. This makes it easier to dig precise holes for your plants.


Having a neat and tidy garden is the goal for many people, and so they enjoy using small handheld pruners to achieve this look. Pruners are typically used for trimming dead flowers and branches from trees. They can also be used if you have a small shrub on your property that requires a bit of reshaping. These type of pruners are only supposed to be used with smaller plants. If you try doing more than that, your hand will get tired, and you may develop blisters.

LED Lights

This garden tool is a little more unusual but is still important nonetheless. For indoor gardens, extra light is essential for them to grow. LED lights are commonly used to provide this synthetic light. Not every plant can thrive in this environment, but examples of ones are able to can be found on Other people enjoy placing LED lights along their walkways towards their garden. This makes everything easier to see at night, and you do not have to worry as much about falling.


This tool is used for the cleanup portion of gardening. The traditional use is during the fall when all the leaves fall off the trees. However, rakes are also used to spread mulch and fertilizer around the garden. It can also remove various debris from the soil, and smooth everything out.


Anyone who has attempted to cut a shrub or bush with the wrong tool will understand the importance of a good pair of shears. Shears are usually used to prune larger plants and trees. They can also take care of the bigger areas of the hedge that need to be trimmed regularly. Do not try to trim tree branches that are too thick. The shears will not be able to handle it, and they could become dull, or break.


This is typically seen to be the stereotypical garden tool. The hoe is a landscaping tool and can help you tame the soil you want to plant in. Hoes can be used to chop up clumps of dirt and other debris. They are also helpful in getting rid of weeds that have made their way through the soil. Just drag the hoe through the soil in order to achieve the smooth look you were aiming for.


This tool is specifically aimed at removing dandelions from the yard. Dandelions are loved by some people and hated by others. They also cause a lot of allergic reactions, which is another reason that people prefer to remove them. The weeder is able to dig deep into the soil and remove the entire root of the dandelion. This will help to ensure that it does not make a surprise come-back next year.

Storing Your Tools

Having all these great garden tools is an awesome first step, but there is more to it than that. You need to ensure that you have a proper storage place for all your tools. If you just leave everything lying around, they will develop rust and stop working properly. A garage or a garden shed is the best options for your tools. Then they will be easily accessible to you. An easy solution to not having sufficient space would be to install a shelving unit or rack to hang up your tools. This will keep them off the ground and out of your way.

The Bottom Line

Just like any other hobby or profession, a gardener needs the proper tools in order to do their work. There is a wide array of tools to choose from, and all the choices can be overwhelming. If you are ever unsure about which to pick, starting with the basics is never a bad idea. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you are at the garden store. Getting started on your gardening journey can be exciting, and we wish you the best of luck!