Effective ways to lower your energy bills with home cooling & heating systems

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Heating and cooling systems in your home eat up around fifty percent of your total budget for your utility bills. It drains more and more of dollars compared to others placed in your home.

No matter the type of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems installed in your home, you still have the chance to save money and cut down the cost of your bills by adequately upgrading and maintaining it.

You need to remember that no matter how costly and energy saving your heating and cooling systems can be, it requires right maintenance and combination of right materials. Take a look at the tips below that might help you.

Heating Points and Tips

When you set your thermostat, set it as lower as you can, but it should be comfortable. Filters on furnaces should be cleaned and replaced once a month. Baseboard heaters, radiators, and warm air registers should be cleaned as needed and drapes should not block it.

Also, bath, kitchen, and ventilating fans should be wisely utilized. Realistically in just one hour, these fans can warm or cool your house thoroughly so you can turn them off as soon as the room is comfortable.

During the dry season, keep your shades open in a position which allows the sunlight to enter your home. Lastly, empty rooms which are isolated from other places should be kept close so you can turn down the heating for that room.

Heat Pumps and Tips

An energy efficient heating system can help you lower down your electricity bill. In moderate climates, heating pumps are efficient which provides a heating equivalent to three times than the amount of electricity you regularly consume.

Heat pumps are of dual purpose. They do not just help to heat your rooms, but they also help to cool by collecting the heat around the surrounding of your house and pump it outside effectively. It can help lower down your electricity to as much as 40 %.

For heat pump tips, the thermostat of the heat pump should not be set back manually. You also need to change and clean the filters depending on the manufacturer’s instruction or once a month as required.

Gas Furnaces and Oil Systems

For gas furnaces and oil systems, do not block the registers or vents with furniture. It will consume more energy. You may also install a programmable thermostat which can save your bills if you turn it almost 15% automatic setback or program it.

With the use of a programmable thermostat, you can quickly adjust as to how many times your cooling or heating systems can be turned on. By this, you may pre-set a schedule which can give you convenience without disturbing other tasks that you will be doing.

When buying a programmable thermostat, you also need to look for a feature in which you can program a temperature you desired at a point of time and a function that overrides temporarily without the preset programs being deleted.

Air Conditioners and Cooling Equipments

In reality, installing a bigger air conditioning unit for a larger room won’t still make it comfortable in summer seasons. In fact, an air conditioner that is bigger is less efficient and effective than a smaller unit.

It is because longer running times allow your cooling units to retain a more constant temperature inside the room. Running your air conditioners longer can remove an immense more comfortable.

Evaporative Coolers

These cooling units can be installed alternatively instead of using air conditioning units specifically in dry air season. It builds a direct contact of air or serves as a heat exchanger which means it pre-cools the air first then directly contact with it.

To save more on energy using air conditioners, you can set the fan speed high but not on wet seasons because you are already getting a better cooling. You may also use ceiling fans to distribute the cooled air through your home and turning off the air con.

Lastly, you may plant trees to shade your cooling units because it will as much as 10% of electricity compared to when it is operating under the heat of the sun.


You can always cut the cost of your energy bills by adequately maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Make sure to use the right equipment and think of some alternatives so that you won’t be fed up with your bills.

That said, heating and cooling professionals and experts like Boerne can help you choose the right equipment so you won’t be surprised with your monthly energy bills.