How to make a wheelbarrow garden

wheelbarrow gardening

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool in a garden, and we know this well. But how many people know this matter that it can also be used to create a new garden in a short-range? This is called wheelbarrow gardening.

Well, we are going to make a wheelbarrow garden with the help of an old wheelbarrow. Here you can grow any plant such as herbs, flowers, edible plants, and so on. Before that, you should know the step by step guide, and what are the necessary materials need to make the garden, right?

Essential Materials

The primary thing is the wheelbarrow here, but you should have to take help of some other tools and materials to make a perfect wheelbarrow garden. Look below for the materials and tools.

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Power drill
  • ¾-inch drill bit
  • Fine window screen
  • Scissors
  • Garden gloves
  • Garden trowel
  • Potting soil
  • Plants
  • Mulch

Wheelbarrow Gardening Step by Step Guide

Follow the instruction from the top to bottom that helps to make the garden more effective and without facing any difficulty.

Make some holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow: Place the ¾-inch drill bit on the chuck of the power drill. Then make some holes at the bottom of the wheelbarrow for water drainage. If it is not made, the wheelbarrow will hold excessive water which rots the plants. Make holes keeping 3-6 inches distance from each other in a grid pattern.

Place the fine window screen on the bottom of a wheelbarrow: You can use the wire mesh screen here. You have to fit the screen on the bottom of the wheelbarrow so that the soil doesn’t wash out with water. Remember you use the mesh wire to retain the soil, so you should choose small holes screen so that it can hold soil.

Set the wheelbarrow in the right place: Now, move the wheelbarrow and place it in your desired location.

Fill the wheelbarrow with soil: Put on your garden gloves before starting the step of wheelbarrow gardening. Now fill the wheelbarrow with well-drained soil to within 1-2 inches of the top. Then level the soil.

Plant your favorite crops or flower: Plant your choice of plants in the wheelbarrow planter. Try to plant all the plants as rooted as they were planted before.

Water well: Did you ever forget to water in the newly planted crops? But many people make this mistake. So water well, and check the water status repeatedly after a particular period.

Add mulch around the plants: Mulch is an essential element, and it helps to hold the moisture of soil and suppress weed growth. For the best result, add 2-3 inches mulch layer around every plant. You can use organic mulch; it is a better option than inorganic mulch as it decomposes over time.


You can use your old wheelbarrow to make the garden. It does not matter whether it is plastic, wooden, or metallic. If the wheelbarrow looks ugly, you can paint as you like to make it attractive. On the other hand, you can buy a new one reading wheelbarrow reviews here to get a perfect, well-designed, and right wheelbarrow for you.