How to make your home cooler this summer

The sun is finally coming out which is why it is so important to keep yourself and your home cool this summer whilst also being kind to the environment!

For most the summer means BBQ’s, beach days and dips in the paddling pool, however, for some the harsh summer sun isn’t quite as fun if cranking up the air con seems like the only option. We have put together a complete guide on a range of different ways you can keep your home cooler this summer.

Closing Your Blinds

This may sound obvious but if you have windows that receive direct sunlight at any part of the day, you will benefit from keeping your blinds closed or your curtains drawn for at least a few hours or the sunniest part of the day. This will work most effectively on north and west facing windows, to significantly cool your home.

Apply Heat Reducing Film

Did you know that 30% of the ambient heat that comes into your home is through the windows? There is a quick and easy fix though – all you have to do is apply a reflective, heat-reducing window film to regulate the temperature. It also works in reverse too if you need it, keeping your home warmer inside during the winter months.

Get A Thermostat

Another option is installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help you to keep your home cool and also help you save money on your energy bills. For example if you are out of the house your thermostat can be programmed to reduce the temperature before you come home, so you will come home to a cool comfortable home, without wasting energy all day.

Install Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans will create air movement that will help you cool down whilst keeping your energy costs down. You can have fans in any room of your home as they are extremely flexible. You can also adjust these fans to suit different seasons.

If your ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise in summer to push air straight down to create a cooling effect and clockwise in the winter to pull the warm air up. You can decide!

Guardian Warm Roofs

Installing a guardian warm roof on your conservatory will make all the difference when it comes to cooling your home. We have all been there, you want to enjoy your conservatory but it’s either way too cold or way too hot there is not in the middle. This issue is down to one thing and one thing only…the roof.

By replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian tiled roof, you will not just improve the appearance of your home but you will now have a fully insulated, soundproof roof which will solve all your problems.

A Guardian Warm Roof will regulate the temperature of your conservatory to ensure it is a pleasant temperature whenever you need it and whatever the season. This high performance roof guarantees a lifetime of thermal performance, ensuring your room is economical to heat.

On top of all of this Guardian Warm Roofs can also save you money on your energy bills, as the structure uses high performance insulation that achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K in England & Wales and 0.15W/m.K in Scotland.

BJC Joinery offers Conservatory Roof Conversions in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, keeping your home cooler and more energy efficient for years to come.