How to spot mold early


Countless people are exposed to mold every day, the real scare is that most don’t have a hint of what is to come. Mold is reminiscent of the villain in a scary movie, but instead of a creepy lurker around the corner, it can sometimes be right in front of your very eyes! With mold, it grows from almost nothing and it does not jump out at you, at least not until it’s too late… We will be listing our 13 ways to spot mold early, before it grows into a monstrous form! These 13 early warning signs will consist of spotting mold by sight, smell and bodily reactions.

#1 Smell – We all have heard or witnessed firsthand a musky, pungent smell. This is not to be taken lightly, especially if you live in an area that is damp often. Thoroughly inspect your entire house if this occurs. Using a thermometer gun, you can detect rapid changes in temp and help better figure out the problem areas. These can be rented from stores such as Home Depot and are quite fun to use! (makes you feel like a Ghostbuster)

#2 Sight – This can be a trick, but definitely no treat. For some it may be hard to tell the difference between mold and similar looking occurrences such as stains, debris, soap scum and others. Check for water leaks, swollen insulation, previous flooding and condensation. Our first warning sign of smell can help differentiate, but for the majority of cases it is best to hire a professional to determine what is and is not mold.

Our Top Bodily Indicators of Mold (If any of these occur and you smell and/or see mold, you should take care of it immediately. Mold can be very harmful and even deadly in some cases)

#3 Fatigue

#4 Sensitivity to Light

#5 Difficulty Finding Words/Speech

#6 Diarrhea

#7 Metal Taste in Mouth

#8 New Chronic Cough

#9 Muscle & Joint Pain

#10 Abnormally High Rate of Urination & Thirst

#11 Blurry Vision

#12 Shortness of Breath

#13 Skin Irritation

Now we hope you have a better idea of what to watch out for. Please take care of yourself and don’t let mold sneak up on you!