How you can keep weeds out of your garden

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Tired of weeds constantly sprouting up and wreaking havoc on your beautiful garden? Do you find yourself doing all you can to get rid of them, but with no success? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, then you are not alone. Weeds are the ultimate bane for every gardener out there, especially when it seems as if there is no way to tame these invasive species.

However, there is a solution to all of this… and we are here to help! Read on in this article to find out just how to keep weeds out of your garden, as well as make it so that they have a hard time returning, if at all. Pretty soon, you will be happy knowing that your garden will be in pristine condition.

Let’s get started!

1. Pull weeds out by hand.

This is the simplest method commonly used by gardeners to get rid of those pesky weeds in your backyard. Although it tends to be the most time-consuming, it is often the most precise method, since it requires you to get down and dirty to remove each one by one, as well as scour the place for any more that look like that they are about to pop up sometime soon. It works best for weeds that grow way too close to your plants and vegetables, so using your hands is necessary.

The ideal trick to removing weeds by hand is to grab onto the weeds themselves and pull with one hand while also using the other hand to hold down the soil so that it does not get too loosened up in the process; after all, you still want to keep the earth intact to ensure safe and secured growing for your plants and vegetables.

2. Use certain gardening tools to take out existing weeds.

If the weeds in your garden are growing not too close to your flowers or crops, then it might be a good idea to use gardening tools to get to those annoying invasive plants. Items such as sharpened hoes, gardening trowels, and small knives do the trick, for they are a good solution to getting rid of lots of weeds growing all at once.

To use a sharpened hoe, swing it very close to the weed, severing it at the base of it. Leave the weed to decompose and make sure that its seed heads have not already started growing; if so, you will first have to remove them by hand and discard them far away from the source before slicing off the actual weed itself. For gardening trowels and small knives, do the same thing by severing the weed’s base, albeit using smaller motions to keep it safe and under control.

3. Use herbicide.

If the situation is really serious, then you might need to rely on a weed killer to help you solve the problem. Since some weeds are notorious than others (e.g. chickweed), you will need to use herbicide to wipe them out to ensure that they do not ever come back.

To kill chickweed and others out there, you will need to find a good herbicide that can not only get rid of them successfully, but also end up not accidentally wiping out your whole garden with its flowers and crops. You will need to do extensive research on which ones are safe to use or not, as well as not affect how your garden is afterwards. Might be time-consuming, but in the end, it will be worth it.


Overall, having weeds can be a real pain, but you do not need to let them take over your garden. Stand up to them by fighting back, either through manual labor or herbicide, to keep your place looking fresh and lovely as it was before.


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