It is time you started enjoying your garden again

bee and flowers

The perfect garden is an elusive beast. Just like the Loch Ness monster, you may believe that it exists but that is no guarantee that you’ll know how to find it or ever see it even just for a second.

Top photo via Flickr

One of the reasons that it can be hard to get everything perfect is that there is so much to consider. It is not just garden furniture that you have to think about. You need to decide first of all which plants to include and which to reject. It is important to remember that the look and atmosphere of your garden will change as the seasons do so you may want to choose some evergreen trees to ensure that your garden isn’t completely bare over the course of the winter months. You should also think about whether you want a patio, and if so what sort of lighting you need. There are water features to think about or maybe even a swimming pool if you have the room. In any case, there are so many variables that getting it exactly perfect is nearly impossible. However, there are ways to make your garden easier to handle. If you want to take all the hard work out of gardening and just enjoy it, here a few ideas for you:

If you are tired of mowing the grass every week during the summer then LazyLawn artificial grass might be the perfect solution. Besides never growing or needing to be watered, it maintains its lush colour throughout the year unlike real grass which looks rather lifeless during winter and often dries up and loses its colour over summer.

The trouble with gardening is that it is quite demanding when it comes to your time. If it is not mowing the lawn, then it is imploring you to take care of weeds or rake up leaves in Autumn. There is always something that needs to be taken care of. If you feel like you want to have to do less work but would also quite like something in return, consider investing in trees that bear fruit.

fruit tree

They do not need as much attention as many shrubs or potted plants and are gracious enough to offer up the freshest fruit you could hope to eat. Apple trees are well suited to the Welsh and English climates. You can also start making apple pies and quickly become the most popular person in your neighbourhood. Fruit bearing trees are a better option than vegetables for instance because they require less work. Apples will just fall to the ground. You have to get down on your knees and dig for vegetables.

Another way of reducing the amount of work you have to do in your garden is by getting animals to do it for you. By having plants that will attract creatures like bees to your garden, you will benefit from their pollinating more of your plants. Your garden will become a self-contained ecosystem, leaving you to sit back and watch. Besides, bees are dying at alarming rates so anything that can help them and help you is something worth doing.