Lawn perfection in five simple steps

lawn perfection

Tired of your overgrown lawn looking like an eyesore? If so, it’s the right time of year to get things sorted for summer. There is no such thing as a perfect lawn, of course, as it’s purely a matter of choice and taste. But there are a few things you can try to ensure your lawn is best suited for your needs. And in today’s guide, we’re going to go through a simple five-step process for creating your ideal garden – read on to find out more.

Weed prevention

Nothing spoils a lawn more than weeds, so your first step is to get out there and start digging. Make sure that you pull up the plant in its entirety, including the roots, as failure to do so will only result in them coming back to haunt you. The key to stopping weeds taking hold in your lawn, however, is prevention. And the best thing you can do is lay some pre-emergent herbicide which will prevent crabgrass and other hard-to-stop weeds that are common in UK gardens. Just be careful to follow the instructions on the leaflet – herbicides and weed killers are poisonous and require delicate and careful handling.

Lawn upgrade

Look around and find all the patchy parts of your garden. Get a rake and fork and disrupt the soil, before planting a mixture of grass seed and soil, and flattening the mixture back into the ground. Make sure that the new seeds are getting enough water and the sun, and you should see it start to sprout within a couple of weeks.

Get the right mower

Lawn Mowers can, of course, make a huge difference to the quality of your lawn. And, as quick look over at shows you, there is a huge range of options when it comes to your mower. For smaller gardens, think about going cordless and battery powered – they are much easier for getting in and out of tight corners which can often lead to trouble with your cord. Hover lawnmowers are a good idea if you struggle with strength, and perfect for maneuvering around curved edges and borders. For rough grass areas, think about rotary mowers, and if you want the perfect finish for your ornamental lawn, try out cylinder lawnmowers which have a fixed bottom blade.

If you’re planning to buy a petrol-powered lawn mower, don’t forget to pick up a suitable gas can – you can read more at Carcareninja.

Water in the morning

If you need to water your lawn, it’s healthier for your grass to do it in the morning. The sun will dry out the grass on top, while the water sinks below the surface. Watering at night can mean that water is clinging to your grass for too long, and might result in disease occurring.

Feeding the lawn

Finally, it’s worth using a mix of fast and slow release fertilisers that give your garden all the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. According to, nitrogen is the most important element and will help your grass look that lush, green colour that will be the envy of your neighbours. However, avoid using fertilisers when your grass is dormant – and don’t forget that some grasses are dormant throughout the summer.