Post-Pandemic Home Essentials You Need for 2022

The pandemic has greatly changed our lifestyle for the past years. Our houses were transformed into offices as we transitioned into a work from home setup, and an air purifier has become a vital part of our rooms due to the need for clean indoor air. However, we have to start looking forward to a post-pandemic time where we are gaining back our previous lifestyles to some degree. During this time, what are the items that should be present in your home?

Here are our top picks:

Clothes hanger with UV disinfection

With all the lockdowns gone, we are able to go outside more often. But this freedom does not mean that we should start lowering our guards. We still need to be wary of other bacteria and viruses that can affect us when we go out for a stroll or when we go to work. These harmful particles can cling onto our clothes without us knowing and may tag along with us as we enter our homes.

So why not have a clothes hanger that can disinfect your clothes? An automatic clothes hanger system with UV disinfection is a nice addition to your dressing room.

This special hanger system uses light wave intelligent sterilization and is designed to turn off automatically every 20 minutes to protect the colour of your clothes. It has a two-sided straight tube sterilization lamp, utilises stereo deep cleaning and has a 99.8% mite-killing sterilization rate. Such a hanger system also features an intelligent stop system that turns it off for safety whenever someone is near it.

HEPA air purifier

HEPA air purifiers are still relevant during post-pandemic. It is still important to have one to ensure that the air quality inside our home is good and to avoid inhaling particles capable of causing allergies or diseases. Some HEPA air purifiers are even capable of eliminating foul odours. This makes them a good house companion if you want to cook but do not want the smell to linger inside your home.

If you’re looking for an air purifier, Rensair’s HEPA air purifier is a great choice. This portable and easy to use air purifier uses UVC light to kill harmful pollutants. It can destroy more than 99.97% of airborne particles like viruses, bacterias, mould spores, fungi, pollen, pet dander and even odours, such as burnt food, garbage cleaning and tobacco smoke.

Air filter curtain

If you are on a tight budget and do not want an air purifier to add to your electric bill, an air filter curtain may be the perfect match for you. This curtain enhances the look of your house and protects it from pollutants at the same time. Its fabric is made with a mineral-based coating that reacts to natural light and breaks down indoor air pollutants like acetaldehyde. It is also made from 100% polyester so rest assured that it is safe for the environment too.

Disinfectant foot mat

While travelling, dirt and other nasty stuff accumulate on our shoes. We do not want those inside our home so we do all we can to clean them like wiping them or spraying alcohol/disinfectant all over them. However, that can be tiring, especially if you are going out multiple times a day. If only there is something that we can just step on and be done with the disinfection process in seconds so that we can crash down on our beds after a long day of work, right?

The good news is, it is possible. Sweetmat was made for this specific purpose. It works when a person or even a vehicle steps over the mat. It will respond to the pressure and push up a disinfecting solution to clean the area.

Smart trash bin

We produce a lot of waste every day so it is important to have a proper trash bin to keep our homes clean and odour-free. If you want something that does that efficiently while making you feel cool, grab a smart trash can. It has infrared sensors that open up the bin with just a wave of your hand. It is equipped with a replaceable carbon filter that absorbs foul odours and is compact, easy to move around and fits small apartments.

The bottom line

A post-pandemic time involves being able to go out more often and for longer periods of time. Travel restrictions are less tight, and we are starting to go back to offices and schools. Still, doing precautionary measures will not hurt because there are other threats to our health out there other than COVID-19. Having items like air purifiers and other disinfecting tools that can help keep us and our homes safe and clean will still work wonders for 2022.