Priorities when you move into your new home

After the Brexit and the pandemic, a lot of people were looking to make sense of their lives. Many of them opted for a move, even choosing to change country for some, in order to start anew. Germany is a destination often at the top of the list, since it is known for being a welcoming country to new arrivals. But whether you move four blocks down the road or thousands of kilometers away, you will still need to handle the same tasks, once you arrive. Here are the ones you should not skip.

A Deep Clean

Before you start unpacking, the first thing that you need to do is to clean every inch of the house. Even if the previous owner said that they handled it, you should never, ever skip that part. If you want, you can even pay a company to clean it for you. It is certainly the best way to make sure that it is done properly, since it is their regular job to get houses looking as if they had just been built. If you prefer to do it yourself, make sure that you don’t miss any space, however small they may be, which includes cupboards and wardrobes. And if Germany is your destination, you will be happy to know that they like their houses extra-clean, so that should help! If the capital city is your destination, here is where you can find removals to Berlin.

Change the Locks and install a Security System

When you move into a new house, you have no idea how many keys are still around. It doesn’t matter if you were told that these are all the keys that exist; you still need to change all the locks of the house, if you don’t want to risk being burglarized. Also, if the house does not have its own security system, you should get one now. Protecting your household should be a number one priority, no matter where you live.

Unpack Everything

When you pack up the old home, make sure that you write the name of the room where the objects belong, on each box. This way, when the removal company gets to the new house, it can drop the boxes in the room it is meant to go to, right away. This will ease the pain of locating objects that you need immediately and will make the unpacking process much faster, since every one can take care of their own things. However, everything needs to be unpacked as soon as you arrive. Whatever isn’t taken out risks finding itself in that box for a long time. If you are working the next morning, use the very first day off that you have to handle this task, in order to put everything where it belongs.

Finally, the one thing that all the family will want installed right away is the internet. That shouldn’t be too hard to do, if you have already advised your service provider about your move. Then, get all the connected objects in the house (such as the TV) back online.