Quick facts on integrated solar panel installations and why they are more popular today

We are all familiar with the way solar panels look, and there are now more than a few homes and properties with their own solar panel system on their roofs – in fact, it has become a common sight, even in the UK! But the solar panel system that we knew of a few years back has changed in many ways, and we can now benefit from another kind of solar panel installation that has its own distinct merits. We’re talking about in-roof or integrated solar panel installations, and this kind of system has become well-recognised not just for being aesthetically-pleasing, but friendly on the budget as well. But what makes integrated solar panel systems different from a traditional solar panel installation? More importantly, what makes it a more feasible choice for more home and property owners? Here are some quick facts on integrated solar panel installations and why they are more popular today.

Their general benefits

Integrated or in-roof solar panels can bring about a lot of general benefits, and one of these is savings on cost. This comes about because they are quicker to install than standard panels, saving you both time and effort and labour costs. But another general benefit is that they can improve the aesthetics of your property. Since integrated or in-roof solar panels can serve as an actual solar panel roof – meaning you no longer need a roof underneath as the integrated solar panels will replace a portion of your roof – they can look more streamlined and adhere better to the overall appearance of your roof and structure.

Many new-builds and roof refurbishments to existing homes already have integrated solar panel systems, and they are highly recommended for such projects because of their reduced cost (you no longer need to buy all those roof tiles) and their speedy installation.

Their specific advantages

Cohesiveness in design

When you choose to have integrated or in-roof solar panels, you can benefit from better cohesiveness in design as it conforms to the look of your roof structure. Rather than lying on top of your roof tiles, the panels will sit flush with your roof, and they will then look like an actual part of your structure instead of an unsightly add-on. It also makes your roof look sleeker and more streamlined as it seamlessly blends in.

Better and more enhanced safety

Integrated solar panels can outperform and outlast on-roof or traditional solar panels in regards to withstanding the elements, such as wind. These in-roof solar panels can have better resistance to wind and rain because you have them fixed onto your rafters and your battens, so there are no longer any spaces or gaps where the wind or rain can get in. This can effectively enhance the safety of the occupants inside your building.

Easy maintenance

Since in-roof or integrated solar panels have no fixtures or fixings and no gaps, debris will not have a chance to build up on the system. You can have peace of mind knowing that your integrated solar panel system not only looks impressive but also comes with easy maintenance. Additionally, you don’t need to go through the trouble of disassembling the entire system if you carry out repairs or maintenance on your roof, which you would still have to do with an on-roof solar panel system.