Reasons you should deck out your home in wood furniture

wooden furniture

Furnishing your home in natural wood furniture can be a statement about your personality, interests and hobbies, or a practical solution. Yes, wood furniture is heavy, but it also never needs to be replaced because of wear and tear. Some homeowners seek out wood furniture from the 18th and 17th centuries so they can create decadent interior layouts. Then the trend of reclaimed wood, which is turned into dining room tables, benches, and other eye-catching pieces. If you don’t already have enough reasons to want to decorate your home in nothing but wood furniture, below are a few more suggestive grounds.

Wood Furnishings Generally Last Longer

Although wood is a natural material it is not one which easily deteriorates. As some majestic trees can live for thousands of years, it is reasonable that wood furnishings have been known to last for millennia.  The Egyptians, Romans, Persians, and ancient Chinese were all known to favor wood furniture, and not just because it is strong. Wood can be carved, manipulated, and finessed to create beautiful works of art suitable for royalty. Any wood furnishings that you decorate your home with will have all the same wonderful qualities.

Wooden Furniture Gives You More Personalization Options

Just as a great carpenter can fashion high quality wooden furniture, a great painter can make it stand out with vivid colors. Staining wood furniture is an option as is painting it. Search for “painting contractors near me” and have your furniture painted to match the walls. Take unfinished and unpainted furniture and have an expert painter make suggestions on how to make it compliment your home even better. When wood furnishings are properly painted and sealed they are better suited for placement in children’s playrooms, guest bedrooms, living rooms, and even porches and patios. Unlike a set of furniture that you would buy at a traditional furniture store, wood just gives you more options.

Resistance to Pests

In today’s age, people must be mindful of the type of furniture they put in their homes as well as where they get it from. Thrift and resale stores used to be a treasure trove of hidden gems; antique couches, tables, bedroom sets, mattresses, and more, all for a steal. That is, until bedbugs and other pests became a problem. Bedbugs primarily reside in soft surfaces and they are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Once they infest a single piece of furniture it is not long before they can totally takeover the home. The good news is that wooden furniture is the nemesis of bedbugs and similar vermin. Bedbugs find wood furniture to be largely unsuitable for long-term stays, so you can feel comfortable about picking up used wooden furnishings from anywhere.

Furniture Made of Wood Retains Value Better

When you buy a standard new couch, you have several options when you eventually want to replace it. It can be reupholstered to create a new look. Sometimes it can simply be moved to another room or gifted to a loved one. However, if you want to sell a soft surface couch you won’t make a whole lot of money. Soft surface furnishings are prone to staining, and the fabric wears down after awhile. If you plan on investing in furniture that is going to retain its value many years into the future, choose high quality wood furniture. The furniture itself is going to stand up against damage and staining, and you will get more money when you do choose to sell it off.

Compliments Hardwood Floors

Every homeowner knows the merits of having hardwood floors. They make a bold statement, are durable, and rarely need to be replaced. For homes that feature hardwood flooring, hardwood furniture can make the interior décor even more iconic. Create a home with a rustic theme by pairing hardwood floors, wood furniture, handmade throws, patchwork quilts, and Americana themed wall art. You can live in a modern home and yet feel like everything exists in a historic era. Purchase wood pet furniture to complete the look. Every area of your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom can be decked out in wood furniture.

If you want your furniture to be used for multiple purposes, in different places, and in various ways, choose wood. Your home can be just as comfortable with wood furniture that has fabric cushions as sleek contemporary pieces. There is no limit as to the type of furniture that can be made of wood. So, knock on wood and make wooden furnishings your go-to option for decorating every room in your home.