How to make compost in your backyard

Composting is a very straightforward way of reducing waste while also improving your garden and backyard soil. The average household produces anywhere between 16% and 30% of garbage from food scraps and yard trimmings. Therefore, it’s no wonder people tend to use these scraps to make their compost. Mixing browns and greens (leaves and kitchen

How to decide between fertiliser and compost

compost or fertiliser

When gardening, we want to provide our plants and crops with the best environment for growth. However, with so many tips and tricks out there, it’s difficult to know what advice we should follow. You’re not alone in wondering what exactly the difference is between fertiliser and compost. Together with Compost Direct, retailers of compost

Food waste hacks that can save you money

food waste

According to statistics, up to 60 per cent of household waste heading to the landfill could be recycled. It’s crucial for the health of our environment that we increase our recycling rate and reduce our overall waste levels. Recycling can be a tricky process — the strict rules regarding which material should go into which

A new smartphone app is letting communities compost together


Composting is one of the easiest ways to recycle your waste, help the environment and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. Simply throw your food scraps and garden waster into a container, add a little water & oxygen, and wait for nature to do its work. Before you know it, you’ve created a batch

5 ways to compost your disposables


Disposables refer to all the consumer products and packaging that are designed to be discarded as waste after being used a few times. These include mostly kitchen waste which includes disposable utensils, packaging materials for such products as eggs or milk, and other wastes from around such as diapers. Vegware products are often encouraged as

How to properly dispose of waste after gardening

garden waste

There are proper ways of getting rid of your garden waste that won’t get you in trouble with your city council and that, more importantly, will not harm the environment. If you’re a gardener, landscaper, or simply a homeowner with no idea what to do with your organic garden waste, read on for our tips

An easy guide to mulch for your veggie garden


Weeds can take over a veggie garden if you forget to weed for a few days. If you have shrubs and trees, it is easy to pick up a bag of wood chips to lay across the front of your house. Picking the right mulch choice for your veggie garden is a bit more complicated.

How to make your own compost


Making your own compost sounds like a lot of hassle, especially when it is readily available to buy in garden centres and DIY stores. However, there are plenty of reasons to start your own compost pile. Not only is it cheaper than buying a ready-mix, but composting will also reduce your refuse waste, saving you