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Green roofs and their essential benefits

green roof

You might have heard about this term green roof, as it is not something new anymore. People are thinking more about their surroundings and environment. So, they are doing everything, which will make this Earth a better place to live in. Green roof, often called living roof, is one such initiative, which is a part

4 beautiful, garden-friendly roof designs

rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens or green roofs are getting increasingly popular, which is great because they help the environment in so many ways. So should you build yourself a green roof? Like any plant-related hobby, it’ll need some work. You’ll have to consult with professional roofers and have them evaluate your roof’s structural integrity. You’ll also need

Planting for privacy in urban rooftop gardens

rooftop gardens

A rooftop garden could be the perfect solution if you’re living in the city and are longing for outdoor space. Whether there’s a modest patio or an expansive roof terrace at the top of your building, now is the chance to transform a barren concrete area into a lush oasis high above the hustle and