Don’t drink water straight from the tap!

tap water

Wait, don’t drink from your tap water, you don’t know what experience it has been through. That might sound very threatening but it’s so that we can make sure you read about how your tap water might not be as perfect as you think it is, it could even maybe be causing more harm than

Is pipelining cheaper than traditional pipes?


A major plumbing problem involves a damaged pipeline in your property, and there are two ways to repair worn out pipelines. You can either replace them with a traditional pipe or choose trenchless pipelining. But what’s cheaper between pipelining and traditional pipes? In this article, you’ll learn the difference between pipelining and traditional piping methods,

How to deal with water damage in your home

Water damage

Water damage is a huge problem for homeowners. Would you know what to do if it happened to you? The answer for the majority of homeowners is no because, in reality, why would you? While water damage can be considered rare, it can happen almost out of nowhere, creating a stressful situation for all those

What is a water booster pump, how does it work and how do you choose the right one?

water booster pump

Modern life is unthinkable without the usual amenities: electricity, sewage and, of course, water supply. Residents of apartment buildings, as well as owners of private houses, are equally accustomed to such facilities. However, it often turns out that the quality of water supply services is unsatisfactory. Namely, residents are not satisfied with the pressure force

Basement waterproofing: A job for the experts


You need to take the process of basement waterproofing from the top, literally. The gutter system determines where the rainwater runoff goes after a torrential downpour. Its primary purpose is to keep the foundation clear from waterlogging. Therefore, homes without gutters or with an inadequate gutter system often suffer from waterlogging and related problems in

Create an outdoor bathroom both you and your guests can enjoy

outdoor bathroom

With the coming of summer, most of our life goes outdoors. The patio pops to life, so does the deck, the garden and the swimming pool. Most of us forget a very important thing though – the bathroom. Yet, nothing is more glorious than showering or bathing right under the sun, surrounded by plants and

A homeowner’s guide to interior and exterior waterproofing


Most people know it’s best to call a plumber when the kitchen sink is leaking, or the toilet backs up, but why call a plumber if your basement floor is wet? According to this article from the New York Times, a majority of homes will have this issue at some point, and flood-prone regions like

5 tips to determine if your hose bib needs to be replaced

hose bib

If you have water easily accessible in your garden, it will definitely make watering routine much easier and faster. For instance, watering your plants or even washing your car can be done conveniently with the help of a hose bib. After all, having such kind of plumbing feature can prevent you running back and forth

The water wizard – a green guide to home irrigation systems

home irrigation systems

Are you looking for a beautiful garden without the hassle? Watering a large garden can take up a lot of time, particularly if you are self sufficient and grow your own food. This is because it requires you to water multiple times a day in peak summer periods, meaning that a home irrigation system could

How automatic sprinklers make life easier for homeowners


The manners by which automatic sprinklers can life easier is, unfortunately, not well-known, despite how necessary and beneficial this kind of consumer knowledge can be for the average home or commercial property owner. Indeed, too many people are willing too continuously exert their manual labour in order to thoroughly water their land, their thought process