Don’t drink water straight from the tap!

tap water

Wait, don’t drink from your tap water, you don’t know what experience it has been through. That might sound very threatening but it’s so that we can make sure you read about how your tap water might not be as perfect as you think it is, it could even maybe be causing more harm than you thought. With everything the reservoir water needs to be put through just to become your tap water, you too might see that a water dispenser or filter is a good choice for your household.

Keep reading and if you are looking for a water dispenser or filter then Aussie Natural is our go-to option for good value and great performance.

Have You Ever Noticed What’s In Your Tap Water?

After a tough workday or when it’s really hot, pouring yourself a cold glass of water is just what you need to cool yourself off. Tap water has been quenching the thirst of families since it was implemented, but how does it reach your house? Well, the water first takes a trip through rocky surfaces and rain so that it can be collected and stored in one of many reservoirs. Then it is hit by some disinfectants so that all those nasty bacteria can be destroyed. Lastly, it is transported through your pipes to reach your house. Now that does sound great and all but let’s go in a little more depth on what is actually happening to your water.

The water going through the rocky surfaces and staying in the reservoirs means that it picks up a lot of minerals and sediments. These tiny obscurities made of calcium and fluoride are nasty and are unwanted, but that’s only the first part. The disinfection process takes chlorines and uses it to destroy all the bacteria, but for such a large scale of water, companies can’t get rid of all the residue which means that a little bit ends up on your end. Lastly is the copper and lead pipes that are used for transportation and this causes these minerals to be mixed into your water especially if left overnight.

Don’t get it wrong, your tap water is drinkable and is safe for daily consumption but these chemicals/minerals can cause damage if consumed in larger quantities. This can be even worse if drunk in large amounts or freshly drunk first thing in the morning.

Why You Should Consider Having A Filter

After reading everything above maybe you are beginning to understand why investing in a filter is great not only for you but for your friends and family. Water filters are great whether they are in a jug form, in-line under the sink or just a classic water dispenser, water filters are an upgrade to any household. Filters will help catch all those nasty minerals, icky tastes/impurities and other debris that is just overall unwanted. Having a filter helps reduce the risks and instead improves your mood and lifestyle so you can achieve what you want.

Why A Water Dispenser Is Great For You

All these tap water explanations are making everyone a bit nervous so let’s move onto why a water dispenser is great for you. Well first off an office water dispenser is those cool often white coloured standalone of benchtop machines you usually see when visiting a fancy office. Making an appearance on many shows this product offers clean, filtered water for anyone to drink with options like hot or cold, cool or cold or just a cool ceramic variant available you can see why these can be perfect for your household.

Water dispensers have refillable jugs that are a lot easier to manage for disinfecting meaning there won’t be any trace of chlorine. There is no need for it to go through copper or lead pipes and most importantly, every Aussie Natural water dispenser has the most thorough filter for water so even when it comes out it’s clean as can be.

Affordable and Easily Accessible

Having a water dispenser in your house or where you work helps make the whole area feel more fitting. Thanks to this machine’s easy accessible design there will never be a time when someone is thirsty. With hot water being available in an instant you can make yourself a hot beverage whenever you want without having to wait the minutes for your kettle to boil.

Having a machine like this encourages water drinking and that helps improve other aspects like productivity and attitude, not joking it’s true. So will the cool machine cost you much? No, Aussie Naturals water dispensers are not locked full purchases but instead are a rentable option, even so, they are still very cheap and often end up paying for themselves. Buying filter jugs or just running a kettle can put a strain on your wallet so when you buy a water filter these costs go into the rent requirement which pretty much means you come out with the same amount of money.

Help Save The Planet

If you are like most people and care about saving the planet then investing in a water dispenser is the right choice. No longer will you need to buy bulk plastic water bottles so that you can have a refreshing water beverage. Instead, you can use one reusable bottle and just top it up every day with using the water dispenser to guarantee a filtered water beverage. If you have one of those bottles that hold the temperature of the beverage inside then your cold water will stay cold throughout the day and will be nice and freezing when you want it. Rent an Aussie Natural water dispenser today to take the next step into an improved lifestyle.