Garden hoses – How do you choose the right one?


If you have a garden, be it vegetable or growing flowers, artificial grass or plots that you cultivate various plants, you will also need a hose for the garden. Undoubtedly, plants need regular watering and in order to do this correctly, easily and in the most comfortable manner possible, the choice of the hose is

Learn how to water your garden well


As Spring-time approaches, get your family excited about gardening and begin preparations for plants and soil. Whether you are planning to grow vegetables, flowers, or both – you need to make sure your plants get the best start possible. You can begin planting seedlings indoors and make sure to wait until after the last frost

How to customize your watering based on plants and seasons


Everyone knows that plants need water to survive. However, not all plans need the same amount of water delivered through a plumbing system. What might be too much water for one plant is not enough for another. Throw in other considerations like time of the year, climate, and water conservation and all of a sudden,