The most beautiful pond plants for your garden

pond plants

A water garden will look beautiful depending on the beauty of the plants you incorporate in it. The most challenging task is choosing the beautiful ones for your garden since there are many varieties. Also, you need to select plants that complement each other to achieve an eye-pleasing aquatic garden. When it comes to planting, you can plant them in the pond, or around the pond.

If you are confused about the plants to include in your pond, we provide you with 6 most beautiful pond plants that you should incorporate with your pond.

1. Calla lilies

Calla lilies are easily mistaken for actual lilies. Many gardeners love these aquatic plants not only for their sensual flowers but also for their beautiful foliage. The most common ones are the White Callas, and the hybrid colored ones. The white callas are semi-aquatic, and so they are better placed to touch on the top layer of water. The hybrid colored is better fully submerged in water.

2. Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit are floating aquatic plants that have flat leaves when they are young and emergent leaves when they mature. They are a popular choice for many people desiring floating water plants for their ponds and especially aquariums. The Amazon Frogbit grows too fast, and if not checked, they could cover the surface fast. Hence, they need constant thinning.

3. Duckweed plants

Duckweed also referred to as water lenses or bayroot are flowering aquatic plants that float on the surface of still freshwater bodies and wetlands. Sometimes, they are just beneath the surface of the water. They are among the smallest aquatic plants in the world. They are mostly harvested as animal food, and they are also perfect for regulating nutrient levels and algae in the water. The Asian watermeal is a type of duckweed that has the tiniest flowers among all plants around the world.

4. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is an excellent plant for backyard ponds. They look beautiful when they grow in between rocks, in the sides of outdoor ponds. During the summer, they grow beautiful cup-shaped flowers that add color to your garden that pleases the eyes. However, they are invasive, and so they require cutting to control them when they go outside of their area.

5. Water Lotus

The lotus is a beautiful exotic and eye-catching water plant that will lighten-up your aquatic garden. Its flowers come in a variety of colors and can spread up to a foot wide. They perform well in bright light. However, it’s a big plant that requires more space and also needs containing lest it takes over the pond.

6. Water lily

Water lilies come from the family of the Nymphaeaceae family of flowering plants. The water lily is similar to the water lotus. The only difference is that the water lotus leaves are well above the water surface while the ‘lily’s leaves float on the water surface like lily pads. They are favorite with many people since they enhance the beauty of an aquatic garden.

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