The right way to use fake plants in your home

fake plants

There are many reasons why people tend to buy fake plants to decorate the interior or even outdoors nowadays. In fact, artificial plants are not as bad as people think, but they have many benefits over the real plants even though they don’t release oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide.

But there are a few things one need to consider while buying artificial plants for home décor. In this article, we will discuss some primary considerations to make while purchasing artificial plants.

What to look for while buying fake plants

One can capitalise on the major reason why the plastic plants of these times work so well by mimicking the exact look and feel of live plants. You can get the best results by sourcing those plants which have some plastic-like aesthetic as fiddle leaf figs, aloe lotus leaves, air plants, banana trees, snake plants, monster leaves, philodendrons, maguey stems, different ferns, and succulents etc.

Another top idea to consider while planning for fake plants is to consider those which mimic the preserved varieties of real plant. Preserved plants are not live anymore. Consider this category instead of artificial plants, the most classic choices on the website may be the farmhouse-chic of boxwood wreath.

While buying fake plants, what you must steer clear off is any species of plants which strike you as gimmicky. Say, for example, some tries to give it an extra touch with fake rain droplets on the leaf and thereby begging the viewers to scrutinise and find out the reality. Check also for the finish of the plant as if it is too glossy to be easily identified.

Why fake plants?

In reality, there are many plants which are not friendly with home pets. As like you see in many Instagram snaps, those fiddle leaf figs and pet cats shouldn’t hang out together well. Pets tend to chew on the twigs and sticks of the plants, which also makes it difficult and dangerous to keep real plants indoor.

Anyone who lives in an apartment also knows why the plan is unrealistic to grow real plants inside the limited space. We know it is needed to expose the plants to natural sunlight, but this doesn’t work that way always. So, won’t be ideal to think of fake plan instead of condemning a beautiful plant to a slow death indoors?

Another reason is that little kids and real plants don’t mix that well. You will find it troublesome and mischievous on letting the combination get along. So, in households with little kids, it is ideal to consider fake plants, which doesn’t cause any threat of an allergy of other risks.

You just have to focus on all thoughtful details of feeling like organic as the delicate root sheaths and the dirt around the base. While you go for shopping of artificial plants, always carry pictures of the real ones to compare the look and identify all minute details ranging from the stem to the roots. There are plenty of options available now, which makes your search easier.