The top 4 places that turf grass is being used today


Turf grass is a favorite landscaping feature in many places today. People love them because of their appealing nature. Others prefer turf, not just because of the result that it brings, but also because it has low maintenance costs.

Remember that natural grass needs constant mowing and watering, which is something that you would rather avoid if you have a tight schedule in place.

This type of grass has many applications today. In this article, we will denote places that the turf grass would fit.

1. At Home

One area that the installation of this type of grass is common is a home yard. With it, you will not be thinking of putting your work aside just to cut down the growing grass and weeds, and even watering it. You will save a lot of water and energy. In fact, some states usually advocate the use of artificial grass because it conserves the environment.

The turfgrass is also beneficial to the yard because your pets no longer have to lie on the dirty ground again. The grass is usually intact. No amount of dirt can get on to their skin. Besides, the grass will keep pests from infesting the same animals.

Some people use artificial grass to decorate various parts of their homes. For instance, you can place it on the floor where it can act as a carpet.

2. Different Playgrounds

Nowadays, sports stadiums use this type of grass with baseball stadiums being the pioneer amongst all sports. With time, more sports association are now encouraging it, especially if the stadium is in an area where natural grass would be a problem growing.

In soccer, the governing football association, FIFA, insists that the grass on pitches should be green and well kept. It also maintains the ground level and reduces the chances of players getting hurt when they fall. Tennis courts are also frequent users of turf.

In fact, they install the grass on both indoor and outdoor courts. Other sports that use synthetic grass for their games include American football, baseball, golf, and hockey.

3. Events

People use artificial grass to enhance the look of an event they are hosting. The artificial grass would function better than natural grass. It will aid in bringing out the aesthetics of that particular event. Some of the occasions that you could use the artificial grass on include parties, corporate events, and concerts.

You can also use it during a wedding. Place it down the aisle to act as the red carpet.

4. Commercial Landscaping

Many businesses today advocate the use of artificial turf because it enhances the appearance of their premises. When you install it on the patio, then you can hold special meetings on such grounds.

You can also see the same grass type on amusement parks and airports. When you go to terminals, they normally install it on areas where the aircraft will land.


Be sure to hire a landscape firm that will professionally install the grass. are the best people to do business with because they will cater for all your grass needs.

They also have all the tools that assist them to install the grass. They will even carry out initial tests to see the pH levels in the soil.