Top tips to prepare your garden for Spring from local gardeners

Spring gardeners

The winter months don’t necessarily mean it is time to pack up your gardening tools until temperatures rise. On the contrary, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your garden for spring. Maintaining your yard now will save you both time and money, and best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy your blooms all spring long. Follow these tips to get started.

Welcome the Woodland Creatures

Not all wildlife are pests. Many creatures, including insects and animals, help your garden thrive. As the temperatures drop, you should create an environment that will significantly benefit the local fauna. Consider planting violets or marigolds to attract pollinating insects. Edible shrubs are also a great way to welcome birds and mammals to your yard. These creatures will aerate and fertilise the soil, and all you need to do is provide them with a warm home.

Start Composting Early

The best gardens have plenty of nutrients. Even when plants are dormant before spring arrives, they still need a food source. While you can always buy commercial fertilisers, nothing beats all-natural methods. Composting is a perfect way to improve the health of your garden while helping Mother Nature at the same time. In addition to creating mulch from leaves and grass cuttings, you can also compost using leftover foods, including fruits and vegetables.

Clean and Oil Your Garden Tools

During the warmer seasons, your garden tools take a beating. It would be best if you primed them before springtime rolls around. Have a professional sharpen your favourite spade and trusty shears. Wipe off any rust and apply a generous amount of oil to keep the mechanisms moving freely. Cleaning your tools now will ensure they are ready to go for another gardening season.

Inspect for Signs of Weakness

Is your garden strong enough to survive a brutal UK winter? Cold, fierce winds are a gardener’s worst nightmare, and you must do everything possible to protect your garden. Look around your yard and make sure all garden structures are in good condition. Inspect wood features for signs of rot, and make sure your soil isn’t too soft. Make any needed repairs before spring to ensure you don’t wake up to a collapsed shed or fallen tree.

Plan Your Garden and Order Supplies

What will you plant during the coming year? Too many local gardeners get into a growing run simply because they forget to plan. Since you’re not outdoors as frequently during the winter, you may overlook planning your garden. However, now is the best time to pick out new perennials and shrubs. You can even order seeds and tools online, so when it comes time to start digging, you’ll have everything you need in one location.