Vinyl Flooring or Laminate: What is Better?

When looking for attractive, economical, and durable floor covering for your home, you come across two options, vinyl and laminate. Both of them are easy to install, the cost is affordable, and the materials are very attractive as well. It would look the same and appealing at first glance, but vinyl and laminate differ in multiple aspects. So, before you go for one type, you might want to compare both options.

Learn more about vinyl and laminate flooring, so you can decide after weighing out the pros and cons of both flooring materials.

Laminate flooring

This is an artificial alternative to hardwood floors. If you are looking for a wood-like appearance on the floor, you can opt for laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring is very expensive, while the laminate option is cost-effective. Similar to vinyl, it’s made of synthetic components and has layers protecting the floor. However, it can’t give much protection against moisture as vinyl flooring can.

Vinyl flooring

This type of flooring is made of several layers; it’s waterproof and very durable. Like laminate flooring, it’s made of synthetic material, and it can give better protection against moisture. Vinyl flooring lacks in designs, but you can upgrade the style. In addition, vinyl flooring can be an alternative to ceramic and hardwood flooring.

Difference in appearance

  • Vinyl: This flooring has a realistic appearance, mainly with the plank style. With vinyl flooring, you can acquire a wood-like style at half the cost!
  • Laminate: You can get this alternative flooring to emulate the appearance of stone, ceramic, and wood floors. Laminate flooring offers a three-dimensional surface, and the appearance is always perfect.

To compare these two for appearance, laminate is the best. It can give a better look to ceramic, stone, and hardwood.

Heat and moisture resistance

  • Laminate: The layers of laminate flooring can quickly wear off with moisture and heat. If the core of the flooring gets filled with water, it will not last long, and the situation cannot be fixed. However, if the laminate cover is installed correctly, it can protect the floor from moisture and mould, but that will not be for a long time.
  • Vinyl: Newer vinyl flooring options are made of a hundred percent polymer. Thus, they give better protection from heat and moisture. In addition, temperature fluctuation does not work on vinyl flooring, but extreme heat can damage the adhesive. You can opt for vinyl flooring because it’s durable and it’s waterproof. If you remodel the basement, you will thank yourself for having vinyl flooring.

Maintenance and durability

  • Vinyl: If you use plank vinyl flooring, it will give better protection, but it may be an expensive option. But thicker vinyl will be more durable than thin ones because it will not have layers. Additionally, vinyl flooring does not require much maintenance.
  • Laminate: Laminate is low-maintenance and cost-effective. But laminate flooring has many layers that can get damaged with time and are susceptible to water exposure. Once the first layer of the laminate gets damaged, it cannot be fixed.

For the best durability and low maintenance, you can choose vinyl flooring. You can have this option for commercial places, and it will last longer than laminate, so you won’t have to worry about its durability.

Cleaning and care of the flooring

  • Vinyl flooring: This flooring is a good choice because it’s easy to clean. You can use a wet mop over it and can scrub with a gentle brush and cleaning products.
  • Laminate: You have to use dry methods to clean the floor. You can use a dry broom to wipe the surface, and if you have to use a mop, make sure it’s almost dry.

To check the differences based on cleaning, you may go for vinyl flooring. It will not get damaged with water or cleaning solution. At the same time, laminate flooring can get easily damaged with the slight use of water.

Differences in cost

  • Vinyl: The cost is not much compared to laminate. If you go for premium quality, the cost will be higher. If you opt for vinyl planks, it will be expensive per square foot installation.
  • Laminate: You can go for laminate planks, and the price will not be that much. When you compare the cost of vinyl flooring with laminate, you will not find much difference.

Both options have the exact cost. But if you choose high-quality vinyl, it may cost you more than laminate flooring. Also, you can choose a laminate option if you live in dry areas, and it will save money.


If you look at the installation of laminate and vinyl flooring, both options are easy. You can install the flooring easily. But it’s recommended that you hire professional service only. Because an expert can install the flooring properly, it will last longer.