VR for companies: how to dive in the virtual world

With the advances in immersive technologies, like Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and increasing familiarity among consumers, the time is right for companies to dive in the sea of opportunities brought by these technologies. After all, with the help of equipment such as headphones, glasses, portable devices and wearables, it is possible to offer memorable sensory experiences for both internal and external audiences.

Many leading brands are already implementing these technologies to increase digital marketing efforts. In the coming years, the sectors that should invest the most are the automotive, technology, telecommunications, real estate, retail and healthcare services.

Perhaps the most exciting impact of virtual reality is on the customer experience. Thanks to VR and AR, customers can visit digital showrooms, interact with sales assistants and virtually experience products and services. And little platforms make this a reality in such a unique way like Omniscape does.

Built on top of blockchain foundations, this platform makes it possible for users to buy the virtual representations of real-world locations, and then negotiate or rent them to brands so that these, in their turn, can use them to place advertisements and also to offer rewards that can be redeemed in the real-world.

Robert Rice is the CEO and founder of Transmira, the company behind Omniscape, and the following is his view about the benefits that companies and businesses can experience by using this platform:

“We basically blend augmented reality and virtual reality together, with a focus on location to basically help businesses and brands connect with each other and provide really cool, amazing experiences for consumers that they can obviously have fun with, but they are also monetized. So, the idea is to basically help, again, businesses and brands drive traffic to stores and give consumers fun and interesting experiences.”

Investing in VR and AR capabilities is a good bet for companies, as this is an excellent opportunity for them to gain, retain and engage customers. What used to be science fiction is now a viable option for optimizing marketing actions, so companies should really consider those capabilities, as demonstrated by Omniscape’s platform.