What Are the 10 Distinctive Indoor Lighting Trends for 2023?


Lights play a critical role in a successful design scheme. Many people overlook or ignore this element when creating the scheme, only to regret doing so when they find the finished scheme doesn’t meet their needs. Several things need consideration when developing the lighting plan.

A person must take into account the placement of the fixtures, the materials, color options, and more. Lighting can completely alter the look and feel of a room while making the space feel warm, inviting, and functional. What are some popular lighting trends in 2023 that a person should look into when planning this scheme?

Lighting as a Focal Point

A person should look into unique lighting pieces that provide maximum impact. This may be a lighting fixture with an unusual shape or it could be one made out of innovative materials. Don’t hesitate to be daring when it comes to the lighting in a room.

Select a light that will double as a work of art in the room where it is placed. The right fixture adds visual interest to the room. In fact, multiple fixtures may be used to create this focal point. For example, hang several pendant lights at different heights and they are sure to attract attention. Visit Lumier to see some of the many options offered today that would be perfect as a focal point of a room.

Sculptural Pieces

Sculptural pieces add a beautiful, artistic touch to a space. Consider a sculptural light that mimics a shape found in the natural world. Incorporating this lighting fixture in a room will add softness and fluidity to the space. This fixture may mimic the flow of water or it could imitate the silhouette of the mountain ranges across America.

These fixtures often feature curvaceous shapes, much like those seen in furniture and architecture trends today. Add some plants and other natural elements in the room for a relaxed interior that calms all who enter the room and invites them to stay for a while. However, don’t count on these pieces as a sole source of illumination. The focus is more on the piece as a work of art rather than a source of illumination in the room.

Updated Chandeliers

When a person thinks of chandeliers, they probably bring to mind glass pendants hanging from a ceiling fixture complete with an ornate iron or brass curving arm. While this is one style a person might wish to consider, there are others they need to look into before making a selection. Check out the modern, chic styles offered by many manufacturers today.

Chandeliers are not designed to serve as the main light source in a room. They are added to a lighting scheme for a decorative touch and should be used as such. Today, many chandeliers also function as sculptural pieces, allowing a person to get more value for their money. Combine them with other lighting fixtures to provide the necessary layers of light. Install a chandelier and combine it with lamps on side tables and a floor lamp for ample illumination in the room and a beautiful look that appeals to all.

Bespoke Designs

Commissioned lighting schemes are on the rise. Homeowners want something that is all their own, and the bespoke design provides them with that. Men and women who choose this option find the lighting scheme meets their needs in every way and allows the home to feel personal and unique. The lights are visually appealing and functional at the same time.

However, the homeowner must ensure they choose a reputable contractor to take on this task. Internal wiring allowances must be made to provide the room with a clean finish. Nobody wants visible wires marring the overall feel of the room, and the right contractor will ensure they don’t.

Art Deco Fixtures

Modern homes require contemporary light fixtures. Art Deco never goes out of style, so many people choose these lighting fixtures, knowing they will remain fashionable for decades to come. It’s a classic look that countless people love and want in their homes.

However, some changes have been made that people will immediately notice. Today’s styles aren’t as glitzy and glamorous. They pull from the subtle Art Deco pieces of the 1930s.

Look for those fixtures with a touch of marble, a little bronze, or a soft scalloped edge. They won’t be difficult to find. Scones, table lamps, and pendant lights are three of the many Art Deco options offered today.

Portable LED Lights

Many individuals worry about their carbon footprint today. They want the conveniences of modern life but don’t want to harm the planet when using them. For this reason, they now often turn to LED lights.

LED lights are flexible, sustainable, and affordable. They allow a person to have the desired level of illumination without using large amounts of energy. In addition, these lights make a home more functional.

With a portable LED light, a person can have light indoors or out. Many of these lamps have a battery that will provide up to 24 hours of run time. Use the lamp when reading indoors, and then take it outside to sit in the garden after dusk and enjoy the fresh night air. Many lamps allow the user to control the brightness of the bulb, so they can have ample light when doing something that requires attention to detail and softer light when they are trying to relax and unwind.

Lighting for Mood

Layered lighting helps to make the home a warm and welcoming place. This lighting calms and relaxes all who are benefiting from it. Many people refer to the overhead light in a room as the “big light” and say it makes them feel as if they are in a police interrogation room.

Layered lighting ensures they rarely need to use this light. Most people say the overhead light should only be turned on when they need to find something they have lost. Otherwise, it kills a person’s mood.

People need to incorporate dim-to-warm technology in the lighting scheme. They also need to add some accent lighting and spotlighting. Doing so will transform the area and make it more inviting to all. People feel a sense of security and well-being when the big light is off and other layers of light take center stage.

Smart Lighting

Countless homes today serve as smart homes, and smart lighting is a part of this. This technology allows lights in the home to be controlled remotely with the help of a smartphone app. The owner can set timers for the lights or create schedules and routines. The lights can be set to turn off at dawn and on at dusk or dim at a set time.

Lights can also turn on and off when a person enters or exits the room. Voice commands may be used to control these lights, and the technology can make a home more energy efficient. Work with a reputable contractor to see the best return on investment with this technology, as they help clients find the features and functions that best meet their needs.

Unique Combinations

Many people choose to go bold with their lighting scheme. They are willing to take risks when it comes to interior design and want a space that is all their own. To create this space, they turn to color, texture, and pattern.

Use a mixture of lights in the room to create this combination. Floor lamps are one option, and pendant lamps are another. They may be of different styles, colors, or crafts so long as they provide the layered lighting effect that makes the room inviting to all. For example, combine dark smoked glass with burnt steel for a look that is one-of-a-kind.

Unique Materials

Unusual materials help lighting fixtures make a statement in any room. Tactile materials always serve as an excellent choice, so select lighting fixtures that incorporate rattan or wicker. Combine them with industrial pieces made using concrete and metal. Unusual materials and diverse combinations of materials will help the room look like a masterpiece.

Mirrored brass is one material every person should look for when choosing lighting fixtures. It brings to mind the Art Deco era while adding elegance to a room. The mirrored brass doesn’t have to be a major component of the lighting fixture to provide benefits. This metal naturally reflects light to make any room look brighter than it is.

Any person can decorate a room and have it look good. What makes the work of an interior designer stand out is the lighting in this room. They know how to take a room from plain and sterile to warm and welcoming with a few minor changes to the lighting scheme.

No person wants to be in a room illuminated solely by a standard light bulb screwed into a ceiling fixture. There’s nothing pleasing about this atmosphere. By layering lights and taking advantage of trends, a person can have the room they always dreamed of. Learn more about these trends and techniques today and have a beautiful home that is the envy of others in no time.