What to consider before using a pest control company

pest control

Are you being bothered by pesky pests including the flies, rats, spiders, cockroaches and other insects? It is not just that they are creepy; these spread various diseases and infections as well. In case you are faced with a situation like this, all you need to do is hire an expert pest control service like the Power Pest control.

Services on offer

Let us have a look at the services on offer when you hire an expert pest control company.

  • Termite control and treatment
  • Bed bug control and treatment
  • Cockroach control

However, it is not about the pest control experts alone, as you have to do your part as well to ensure you get rid of the unwanted and unwelcome guests from your property. So, in the following section of the article, we will have a look at the essential practices that you need to follow before going for pest control at your property.

Providing access

To ensure that the pest control at your property goes along as smooth as possible, you need to provide easy access to your property and the infested areas. This means you have to move your appliances and furniture to a different part of the property. This will ensure that your valuables are safe from chemical spills and accidents during the ongoing work.

About clothes and bedding

It is essential that you remove all your clothes, children’s toys, and jewelry from the part of the room where the extermination is taking place. Harmful chemicals from the extermination can damage your valuables and even cause poising if ingested. Store all your items in cabinets and if possible, cover them with a plastic sheet to avoid accidents. This goes for the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses as well, especially when the pest control is for the extermination of the bed bugs.  If you are exterminating termites, then you might need to empty the affected storage cupboards and wooden cabinets.

For the kitchen and the dining area

If the extermination is for the kitchen and the dining area, then it is imperative that you clear out your dustbins. Additionally, you also need to clear out the countertop and the storage areas for the utensils, dishes, and cutlery items. Move all your kitchen appliances to the unaffected part of the property and keep them appropriately covered with a plastic sheet. Discard leftovers from the fridge and keep all your food items in thick plastic containers that are impervious to the chemical sprays from the extermination treatment. You need to wrap your faucets and taps/pipes during pest control for the sink and the wash-basin.

In case you have pets

Pets are highly sensitive to chemical, and therefore, it is vital that you care for them and keep them sequestered and safe during the ongoing process. You can leave your furry friends with a friend or family until the pest control is done. Take your dog/cat to the vet to get a flea and tick treatment, and in case you have aquariums, keep it covered with a plastic sheet during the extermination. Also, turn off the water filter, purification, and oxygenation system for the aquarium during the work.

Ensure your part during pest control, and we assure you the process will go as smoothly as possible.